Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!

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I am such a fan of weddings with bridesmaids sporting different dresses but all in the same color scheme. Even if they're all different colors! I will definitely have something like this in my own wedding. (*sigh* When the time comes!)

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How about this dress?! Ooh la la! I'm loving the layers, the rosettes, the train! I'd be flaunting some serious curves in that bad boy, that's for sure! But it's darling!
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Everything about this wedding screams sweet, southern and charming! I love love love it all! Positively dreamy. And their first kiss was at the altar! Can you imagine what a romantic kiss that must have been?!
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A 20-page wedding invitation, hand-drawn and colored in Photoshop! Amazing! The groom did such a lovely job on this and I'm inspired for sure! CLICK HERE to check out the entire thing (and totally learn their story in 3 minutes!). Congratulations and Happy Wedding!
With all of that being said (and shown!), I have to ask... What is your ideal wedding style? Are you a traditional in-the-church kind of gal, are you more interested in a whimsical outdoors reception, or are you a "lets run away and elope"/destination wedding person? Also, how do you feel about wedding budgets? Do you think a large, lavish wedding may be a bit overkill for just one day? Interested in your thoughts!


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