Saturday, June 12, 2010

Daily Photo

{Daily Photo 06.12.1o}
Madion Sq/Gramercy, Manhattan, NYC
11:13 p.m.

Call this a cop-out if you want. I took a photo in Flatiron earlier today but it came out crappy and dark. So when I was sitting here Skype'n with Mike, I felt the time to be perfect snap a little photsie when he wasn't looking. This is how I wake up, and this is how I go to sleep. Every night. Skype date. I only wish I woulda got Fat Baby G in the shot. I love our dates from 1,000 miles away almost as much as I love you. ♥


PS; Check out Mike's Daily Photo by CLICKING HERE. [Go ahead and follow him if you wanna stay updated!]

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