Friday, January 29, 2010

snow dayyyy!

so yesterday i had a logo critique in Portfolio class. my logo is for a fictitious vintage apparel and record store i made back 1.5-2 years ago in illustrator class [when i originally did the 3 owl illustrations, one of which i made mention of being taken & used by someone else via flickr]. anyway, this was the little owl friend i did for the original logo. i wont bother posting the "original" one because its AWFUL! this one isn't complete yet. i'm going to abstract the apostrophe/leaf and tweak the serifs a bit more, but its a fairly good indication fo where its headed. i am pleased with it. [in the below example, his feathers on the left appear smaller.. AI was being dumb but they're actually the same size].

anyway, after the critique i went and ran a few errands and then headed up to mike's house in west nashville to keep him company and he did the tiresome job of painting... still. i got there and got really really sleepy so after we ran to Lowe's and ate at Blue Coast i settled onto the couch for a little 1.5 hour nap. i'm not sure why i was so beat. he painted and sang aloud while i slept with pillows over my face haha. a silly little pictuer of him that he didnt know i took:

we headed back to franklin around 6:30pm or so but made a few stops in west end. we got home and i saw all the tweets about schools closing today because of the anticipated snow storm. this is the "worst since 2003" so they say. luckily it didnt take TOO long for O'more to call off classes for friday [this is only the 2nd time it's happened in the past 8 years or so]. woohoo no art history 2! that meant i got to sleeeeeeeep in! the plan was to wake up early and head back up to nashville to get things and then go buy a couch! thats right. a beautiful red couch! [we've since decided we're going to probably purchase the couch AND loveseat! eep!]. so excited about this. silly, i know! but i love the thought of us making large purchases such as a living room set together. :D end the gushing. this is what we've agreed on:

anyway, we slept and then we were woken by mike's dad calling at like 10:30 to tell us not to leave the house. to stay put and all that jazz because in just 2 minutes, it came a crazyyy snow storm in columbia or wherever. so after that i called my mom who is 45 minutes west of there and she said they already had an inch or so and that it was coming down with a vengeance. i desperately needed to pay the water bill today [as its due tomorrow, and they're closed] so we decided to brave it to drive less than half a mile down the street to pay it. then we realized we needed groceries. it was coming down hard but we trekked to kroger. it was PACKED! we were in there for far too long becasue we came out and everything in sight was solid white. it was exactly one mile back to the house basically and we slid SO many times. i was literally freaking out. i was on the phone with my mom while he drove and i recorded the entire thing on our flip cam [videos soon!] we almost slid into an oncoming van, a stop sign, a ditch, etc. we FINALLY made it home and decided this is where we'll stay until it passes. [which apparently wont be any time soon].

Angie [the other bartender at work] called me at 11:30 this morning and said "im just calling to tell you what you probably already know... dont you even dare think about trying to come to work tonight". my bar is a 35 minute drive south and there was no way i could make it. plus my tiny little convertible is rear-wheel drive. aint happening! so i probably wont work tomorrow night either. a;djksf;alfs jd :( sad day. i could use the casholllaaaaaa.

while in the car at kroger i realized i was wearing my pants inside out... yep... i had gone into city hall to pay our water bill....WITH MY PANTS ON INSIDE OUT! and yes... it was noticable. afsd;jasdf;ljasd. hahahahaha leave it to me. whatever.

we got home and cooked spicy black bean burgers and we took georgia outside. SHE LOVES THE SNOW. loves loves loves. it was a lazy day of kathy griffin stand-up comedy, the beginnings of clueless, pizza, snow, snow, snow, silly videos, hot showers and hot jacuzzi baths, sitting for a pow wow with bryan in Aj's floor, and all that jazz. its been fun but it feels so surreal. i can't wait to wake up and see how much snow we have tomorrow! we took a ton of Fuji instax polaroids. they come out blurry in the photos below because my iphone is crappy but whatever, i'll scan all of them in soon becasue they're super cute!

i hope we're able to get out and about tomorrow. i'd like to be able to work, but at the very least i'd like for us to be able to go buy our daggum furniture!

hows everyone else's weekend going?! any fun snow for you guys?! if you're around franklin, come downtown and play in it with us! we have a big yard and more than enough snow to go around! snowball warzzzzzzzz!


ps; here are the three new blog buttons! please take one and post it around, if you dont mind! if you have a button you'd like me to add to my sidebar, just leave a comment below or email me! xoxox

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

new look around here!

hey y'all! exciting fun times to be had! i'm still a wee bit under the weather, and i skipped out on Print 2 today to be alerted of my awesome "~Sinus Infection"... ladeedahh! but luckily i'm already feeling a bit better so hopefully i'll continue to be on the upswing of things!

i didnt take a lot of time to blog today because between the almost-fever, the feeling like i'm going to die, and the headaches, i've just wanted to rest. but i managed to work on my Print 2 book for 6 hours and take a hot hot bath [Georgia jumped in, too].

i took a little time to work on new blog buttons [3 new designs on the right side!] and a new blog header! please take a minute to change out the blog button if you'd like. i realize they're a little more visually interesting than the horrible hack job i did in flash for the GIF one. i promise to have a new and improve GIF animated banner up shortly!

so yes! please choose one of your liking and let me know how you feel about the new blog banner! i'm going to be doing a whole new CSS layout over the next few weeks and finally phase out what i've got now. i need 2 side panels so it's time to get a crackin!

hope your'e having a great week! we went & stocked up on food as per my mother's request since we're supposed to get "snow and ice" this weekend. bleh, hope i can still make it to work!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

& so it ends... [extremely long, picture heavy, post!]

and i'm back.

last week included: several trips to lowes, making yummy homemade dinners, trying to be productive and tidy, etc etc etc. i cant remember all of the details, but ill write about the ones i do. i really just needed a break from the internet world for a while. between being stressed about homework, work, getting sick, working on & selling mike's house, getting my macbook & belongings back from california, etc... i just wanted to crawl into bed each night with a movie and not even think about what was going on in cyberspace.

Wednesday or Thursday: we went to Lowe's to get organizing things and shelves and such to build up in the bathroom. then we came home and made the yummy wild rice tempeh stirfry, but this time we used PINEAPPLE [!!!] and Sweet & Sour sauce rather than Stir Fry sauce. it was so good. as usual.

Friday: regular ol' work day. i went to art history 2 in the morning, went to the gym with Merissa after, and then headed home to shower, run errands, etc. we had a good little work out and work was so-so. luckily it flew by pretty quickly.

Saturday: woke up super sore, tried to take care of some business, went up to Nashville to mike's house where he and his dad were working on it. Hung around with them for a bit and then left for work because I had to work for Angie. I had to be there at 5 so i sped the hour south and sat at the bar for about 3.5 hours before it started getting busy. my view:

Luckily i made really really good money for the weekend so that was helpful. I came home and it was raining up a storm. thats such an awful, long drive to take at 3am when its storming. we crawled into bed and woke up at a decent time on Sunday to go back to nashville. I was going to spend the day at Panera doing homework, but i felt like he could use my help painting and cleaning. We loaded up Baby G and headed that way. We stopped to get supplies and then we painted/cleaned and ate Blue Coast for dinner. We managed to make a bit of progress so we came back home.

Georgia has never experienced a backseat of a car [since my car is a 2 seater]. she was ecstatic to see that she could watch everything going on around the car.

She literally sat in the bathroom like this alllll night. it was sooooo funny!

Mike's 7th grade photo in the yearbook! eeep! he has no idea i took this picture hahahahahaha

Also, we have really really silly text conversations...

This is why i love him.

Yesterday was an optional-attendance day in Print 2... so most of us didnt go. 2 people did, poor guys! I went to the coffee shop to do some work, then I went to do errands and up to Nashville to keep Mike company. I took my sewing machine and junk so that I could sew up some little creations. I made Kayce an adorable bird for her birthday, and I made an apron.

It's nothing to really write home about, but i had fun making it [and more fun wearing it while we cooked last night!] and i was proud of the way it turned out. I'm thinking about adding suspender style straps with big white buttons to it so they can be put on or taken off. :) Someone suggested making them for my Etsy but I dont know if anyone would buy my silly aprons haha

Last night I noticed a ton of MTV trucks across teh street from my house, so my friend Caitlin came over and she, Mike, My roommate Kayla and I went snoopin... turns out John Mayer is doing CMT Crossroads with Keith Urban today. we snuck around and heard the rehearsal and such, doting around all the tour buses and what not. The plan is to go to the O'More space today and see if we cant get a peek. [I took 19 minutes worth of video of us going around there haha]

Right now i'm having to deal with a less-than-cooperative ex who is doing practically everything he can to make my life miserable. I hate how I still have ties with the past because he has something valuable of mine and pretty much just dangles it over my head just to keep me around in his life. I know Mike can sympathize, even though his situation is much more serious. But still... Its so frustrating to know that you spent 3 years of your life with someone and he/she can't manage to be an adult and help keep the stress level at a minimum. It also amazes me that just 3 months ago I was kissing this person goodbye at the San Francisco airport and the last we saw of each other, we had tears streaming down our faces. And now it's practically World War 3. Although now he "wants to see me" before he leaves town again. UGH.

I feel myself getting really sick. I was up most of the night coughing and sneezing and my throat was quite sore. I hate being congested and sick and I feel a fever coming on. Not the prime time for it because I have so much I need to do.

Okay.. I think i may go meet the girls at Sweet CeCe's for our weekly trip and then I may go to Nashville [yet again] if i dont go to the O'More space for the homework party. I NEED to do homework, but I feel so sick that I dont know if I should be around everyone. bleh!

Happy Tuesday! <3

Monday, January 25, 2010


Congratulations to comment #6:
Jamie Cheroske!

Jamie, please email me with your shipping address so that i can send your box of goodies! [kaelahbee at gmail dot com]. happy happy monday, y'all!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

unforeseen hiatus

i apologize for my random... disappearance. i guess i've just felt really overwhelmed with a lot of the happenings of this week and all that jazz, plus i'm trying to focus on hitting the gym every day [i shouldve went today] and i have to be at work at 4pm tonight until 2am... ive just needed a slight break for the internet in general.

tomorrow will be a heavy heavy homework day and i promise to update then. i'm going to go get mike a yummy mediterranian sandwich from panera and drive up to nashville to take him stuff to eat while they're messing with his house, then i'm going to load up and drown myself in trashy celebrity tabloids while at work.

i hope you're all having a fantastic weekend <3

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Things That Make My Heart Happy: Photo Ed.

decorative headboards

silly pet costumes

any and everything will ferrell

cutesy couples and vw buses

sexy feminine lingerie

cute ferris wheel animals!

this dress. i need you i need you i need you! get in my life! someone tell me where to get it! [no, i dont have bangin' legs like those but i'll wear the crap outta that dress!]

fun business cards

my new computer background. win! [wish i had a better quality copy!]

betsey johnson's all pink house. MY FAVORITE HUE, TOO!

my favorite bow headband! love! someone buy it for me! also, the model for this collection is gorgeous! slightly reminds me of hayden pantierre in several photos, but prettier!

illustrated tee. reminds me of Eri W meets Britta's illustrations. both brilliant illustrators!

old things. and desaturated images.

cute owls. i could sew these in no time. project for later? maybe!

pastel colors, horses with bows, patterned wallpaper!

twinkle lights and pastel blue floral bedding!


this parasol a la modcloth!


okay. image overload. and now i digress. au revoir!
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