Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Things That Make My Heart Happy: Photo Ed.

decorative headboards

silly pet costumes

any and everything will ferrell

cutesy couples and vw buses

sexy feminine lingerie

cute ferris wheel animals!

this dress. i need you i need you i need you! get in my life! someone tell me where to get it! [no, i dont have bangin' legs like those but i'll wear the crap outta that dress!]

fun business cards

my new computer background. win! [wish i had a better quality copy!]

betsey johnson's all pink house. MY FAVORITE HUE, TOO!

my favorite ban.do bow headband! love! someone buy it for me! also, the model for this collection is gorgeous! slightly reminds me of hayden pantierre in several photos, but prettier!

illustrated tee. reminds me of Eri W meets Britta's illustrations. both brilliant illustrators!

old things. and desaturated images.

cute owls. i could sew these in no time. project for later? maybe!

pastel colors, horses with bows, patterned wallpaper!

twinkle lights and pastel blue floral bedding!


this parasol a la modcloth!


okay. image overload. and now i digress. au revoir!

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