Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tattoo Tuesday!

i've always had 2 tattoos picked out as my favorite chest pieces of ever all time until yesterday... when i saw THIS beauty. oh my stars. it's rightfully taken the #1 pedestal and i'm not sure anything will ever live up to it. the colors, the detail, the fact that its a giant squid wrestling a whale! [i'm a HUGE marine biology nerd... you'll catch me watchin Colossal Squid and Shark Week like it's American Idol and Twilight to some people.] This is property of BlackIowaDirt [click to see the entire set on Flickr!] and it was done by Tim Biedron at Deluxe Tattoo in Chicago.

all other tattoos courtesy of fuckyeahtattoos

and it appears that a photo of mine was approved and posted today over at fuckyeahtattoos. i dont remember submitting it but apparently i did [my name is credited as the submittor] but if i did, i know for a fact it must have been months and months and months ago! haha i did submit one more recently but nevertheless... if you've found your way over to kaelahbee.com via fuckyeahtattoos, follow and say hello!

my fuckyeahtattoos submission can be viewed HERE.

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