Thursday, January 7, 2010

a snowy thursday in tennessee!

after my first post tuesday, mike came back by the house and we headed out to get food because we hadn't eaten yet [aside from my sorbet, yum!]. we headed to the grocery store [kroger] and got all kinds of goodies to make burritos, veggie stirfry, vegan pancakes, etc. then we headed to whole foods to get some tempeh, soy yogurt, and some new vegan "cheese" we're going to try. mike had never had Sweet CeCe's before so we went. Yeah, thats right.. I had it twice tuesday.

my sweet cece's cup. pomegranate raspberry sorbet
+ cap'n crunch + sliced kiwis!


yesterday was SUCH a lazy day. we went to bed early on purpose [quarter after midnight!] so we could set our alarm for 9am. we were determined to be productive. well... 9 rolls around, the awful alarm sounds, mike gets up, i stay in bed. i fall back asleep because i'm difficult and wake up at 10... i STILL dont want to get out of bed so i convince mike to come back to sleep... we sleep the day away. seriously. i think we got out of bed at like 1:45pm or something ridiculous. i legitimately slept for over 13 hours. WIN WIN! after we got up we got dressed, attempted to clean my room some more [read: sorted through a crap ton of clothes, put some back in my closet], went and did 4 loads of laundry [what an adventure!], went to target where i tried to buy a really cute dress but mike ripped it from my hands and said NO! [i sulked for a while :( but he was right], then we went to walmart [where i totally got a miley cyrus skirt for $12! holla!] and a new card reader.

we came home and i did bloggy things while he cooked dinner. we had a pasta veggie something-or-another. it was yummy though! we stayed up for a while working on uploading dumb youtube videos [see last post] but they are nothing to write home about. we went to bed at about 3:30am and somehow, magically, managed to drag ourselves out of bed at 10:30am after mike reprimanded me for turning of both alarms... yet again. I HATE WAKING UPPPP! I CANT HELP ITTTTT! i like to sleep the day away and then regret it. anyway, we got up, ate some toast, headed out to petsmart to get G some tear stain remover and a new pink harness [so cute!]. it was snowing and we took silly videos of it. its like the tennessee apocalypse and we havent even accumulated 1/4 of an inch. truth! we came home, made some lunch [i had a yummy veggie burger and mike had a vegan noodle stir-fry and spring rolls!] and now here we are! BEING PRODUCTIVE! huzzah!

i'm hopefully doing the extensions and hair curling tutorial videos everyone has been asking for today. al;dfjka;ldsfj i feel so awkward in front of my iMovie doing a video like that but i shall persevere! then i'm going to clean my room, dye my hair, and i dont know... try to do things. thennnnn we're going to make vegan nachos for dinner and watch "The Goods" or whatever that movie is called. holla!

oh, mike picked out the dress that i wore today! trufax! so stylish, he is! two thumbs way up, boyfriend!

i am a fan of this outfit! so winter appropriate!

my two favorites!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Victoria's Secret nightgown [Clearance last year! $14!]
Belt: Wet Seal $10
Tights: Wet Seal $12
Boots: Goodwill $10 [I think you can buy the same style at Alloy!]
Jacket: Forever 21 $35

yay! Hope you're all having a fantastic Thursday! xo

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