Tuesday, January 5, 2010

bloggity bloggity blog-ness.

so i didnt get around to posting yesterday (man i suck at this whole posting mixtapes thing) but mike made a mixtape for you all! i bet you're excited, right?! i'll have him post it today! i'm trying to keep up with blogging regularly, like i said i would... this is effort! huzzah! anyway, i'll start with monday... that seems like a good jumping off point, don't you think? okay.

well, after leaving panera on sunday evening, i came home and fixed my sewing machine myself [hallelujah!] and proceeded to sew some bunting and some pillows for my room [i literally have 30 pillows in my room... what on earth am i going to do with them all?!?!]. afterwards elle and i agreed to meet at starbucks for some coffee and conversation. i was really glad we did because elle is one of my closest lady friends and we haven't had a chance to hang out at all over break. she's dating my best friend/roommate bryan so we're always with the boys now. we sat and talked about life, relationships, schools, plans, etc... it sounds like generic conversation but it never is with her. thats what i like about our friendship. anyway, we talked for about 2 hours and finally got kicked out because it was closing time. i came back home and mike and i made vegan chili for dinner and we decided to bake a vegan cake. [its not as time consuming or crafty as you might think]. this is where the silly videos came into play. we stayed up wayyyyyyyyy too late [almost 7am] and we slept wayyyy in.

on monday [yesterday], we ran a ton of errands. we tried finding mike a peacoat somewhere in town [no luck!] and we searched the world over for a decent iphone case, too. [he ended up with a blueberry scented jelly belly blue case. it smells AWESOME!]. ate pizza [it was mike's first vegan no-cheese pizza. he was a fan!]. then we decided we should tear apart my room and reorganize all of my clothing. after hanging about 100 dresses, we called it quits.

Monday's Outfit Details:

Dress: Target $20
Cardigan: Target $20
Tights: Target $7
Flats: Walmart $9
Brooch at waist: Vintage

today we ran more errands [it seems that we have more errands than you can ever imagine] and i took my car to the dealership and dropped it off. i'm FINALLY getting that awful smashed in windshield replaced. [remember THIS incident last month? yeah...]. hopefully dude's insurance pays for it because i have to have my entire hood painted, too. bleh. mike then took me to campus and dropped me off to meet merissa and kayce. we all piled in the car and went downtown to Sweet CeCe's to meet Caitlin and eat frozen yogurt [i had the Pomegranate Raspberry Sorbet. it was FANTASTIC! with sliced banana & kiwi!]. we talked for a while and now i'm back home. mike just showed back up and i have no idea what we'll get ourselves into tonight. we shall see!

Today's Outfit Details:
Dress: Target $14 [clearance!]
Cardigan: Forever 21 $30
Brooch at waist: Forever 21 $5
Tights: Target $7
Flats: Walmart$9
Headband: Charlotte Russe $6
Jacket: Forever 21 $35

Happy Tuesday! I'll have my Tattoo Tuesday picks later in the day!

PS; i've answered like 90-something questions over at my Formspring.ME account! Click HERE to read and ask your own questions! [its anonymous!]

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