Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Giveaway: Instax Wide Instant Camera!

Abandoned House - Hwy 31

I'm excited about this month's giveaway because we're giving one of you lucky gals (or guy!) an Instax 210 Wide camera! We bought one last year and love love love it! Don't be fooled... it's a beast! It's a lot bigger than the Instax Mini version! But the best part? The photos are twice as wide, too! It has it's pros and cons, so if you're curious about which one you'd prefer, check out my post on the Instax Mini vs the Instax 210 Wide! And enter to win below!

All you have to do to enter is:
Be a follower of this blog with Google Friend Connect! (Click "Follow" in the upper nav bar and follow with Google/Blogger, Twitter, Yahoo, or Aim!) and then leave a comment with your email address! (This is just one entry!) You must do this entry first to be eligible for additional entries!

To gain additional entries, you can blog (or Tumblr!), tweet, update your status on Facebook each with a link over to the giveaway 
or "Like" Little Chief Honeybee on FacebookJust be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry and leave the link to each one! Overall that's FIVE ways to win! 

*If you tweet about the giveaway, please use this tweet: "Fab Giveaway Alert! @kaelahbee is giving away an Instax 210 wide instant camera on her blog! http://tinyurl.com/3r6dtt3

(You must include a link to the giveaway in your tweet/blog/status update! Several people have just been tweeting at me or leaving a comment on Facebook... I'm not sure how that would enter them! ;P *PLEASE NOTE: tweets to me, in my Tumblr ask box, or comments left on my Facebook will not count as an entry! The point is to share this giveaway with others and make them aware of it! ;P)

A winner will be announced at the end of the month! Good luck! (Don't worry, there will still be other sponsored giveaways going on in the time being!)

In Nashville? Want Your Picture Taken?!

Kaelah's Graduation Outfit

Got yourself a cute fiance/husband/boyfriend? Want some snazzy photos of you taken together? Are you a mom with an adorable family? Want some family portraits? How about just a regular ol' guy or gal who wouldn't mind some professional photographs to use online? Mike is now booking FREE portrait sessions through part of June! He's looking to fill out his portfolio, achieve a certain aesthetic, and do what he loves to do most... photograph people!

I'm so very lucky to live with someone so talented and driven. His passion is photography and that is undeniable. He's motivated and determined to make it his life career and I am behind him 100%! He takes all of my photos for this little blog so you should be familiar with his work! The above pictures are of Miss Susannah Bean and her beau, Chris! Two of our very favorite people in the whole wide world!

Maybe you're on a shoestring budget and can't afford engagement photos? Whatever the case may be, we'd love to work with you! (I say we because I'd obviously be there... as his "assistant"... toting around bags and gear! haha) If you live in Nashville/Franklin/Clarksville, etc, or anywhere (as long as you can travel to Nashville) then email me and let's set something up! We're willing to travel within 20 miles of Nashville if the location is that great. Mike loves to shoot outdoors, on location, with interesting backdrops.

If you take part then you will receive a .zip folder with the edited images after the shoot and you can use them online, have them printed at Walgreens, or whatever! If you're interested, please email me at kaelahbee@gmail.com with the subject line: "Photoshoot!"We can discuss when and where, and props, too! It'll be fun, I promise! xo

PS; The winner of the $50 Urban Outfitters giftcard is: Brandy Nicole! Congrats! I'll be in touch! xo

Date With The Night

kaelah bee
kaelah bee
kaelah bee
kaelah bee
kaelah bee
kaelah bee
kaelah bee
kaelah bee
kaelah bee

There's something undeniable about the Yeah Yeah Yeah's 2003 album "Fever To Tell." It's one of my all-time favorites. (Fun fact: I bought the album in Hollister of all places! Yeah, I was into Hollister/A&F in high school... oh how things have changed!) I received this dress in the mail from the TopShop brand, LOVE! One of the dresses I chose was this gorgeous bright fuschia number with the high collar. It came with a skinny belt but I opted for a thicker black belt with a prominent gold buckle to match my Triple Triangle necklace from Little Pancakes. These shoes are oldies from Charlotte Russe that magically lived through the flood (they were at the tip top of my closet so the water never reached them!). I felt like I was about to meet some fab lady friends for happy hour drinks in this ensemble. Hence the "Date with the night" by YYY!

Yesterday we celebrated Memorial Day at my parents' house with swimming and grilling. My cough is getting progressively better so we're on the upswing, honeybees! We came back into town and cleaned the whole house before settling into bed. And today... today is a productive day! Lots to do, that's for sure! Be sure to play the song under the photos to set the mood for the day! Happy Tuesday!

Charlotte Russe blazer
Thrifted belt
Target tights
Charlotte Russe suede ruffle heels
Triple Triangle Necklace c/o Little Pancakes

PS; You might want to peruse the Love website a little bit! You may or may not have a fab chance to win a pretty frock from there later this week! (If you want my opinion, my favorites are totally: Anthea and the Gold Pleated dress. But wait! The dress I'm wearing above also comes in Peach (I die!!!) and Champagne! Peach being my favorite color and champagne being absolutely stunning! Now I'm regretting my self-imposed shopping ban for June! Help! haha)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mintsicle Pastel Pop

Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. And that's okay! That's okay, I have to remind myself constantly. Between being sick, missing work, pulling muscles and making plans, I've lost my blogging mojo a little bit! Mike's work schedule was crazy this weekend and I spent the whole time cuddled up on the couch with a bottle of Robitussin and some Kleenex. I'm happy to report that it's passing though! I've only got a slight remaining cough (thank goodness!). Thanks for all of your sweet words this weekend! You're the best! 

This outfit is what I wore yesterday when I went to the store real quick. Bad call on my part. You know those embarrassing coughing fits you get into in public sometimes? The ones where people stare at you, half in sympathy and half in that "the devil is going to jump out of your lungs!" way? Yeah, that happened to me yesterday. Awful. I didn't have a bottle of water or any hard candy with me. My eyes were tearing up from trying to hold it in haha! I reverted back to 7 year old me when my Nana always carried hard candies in her purse for that reason! Smart woman.

No color palette for this outfit because my CS5 trial expired so I'm trying to get that squared away. Not having PhotoShop/Illustrator is hard for a graphic designer. Also, you're getting a bajillion photos because I'm just learning Aperature and junk.

Today Mike and I taking the girls down to my parents house for a few hours. Just to chit chat, relax, and maybe get in the pool if I feel up to it. Nothing fancy but I wanted to share some love with the blog! xo

Ross no-name dress
Target cardigan
Rampage flats
Urban Expressions bag
DIY floral crown

PS; I still have a few large/medium sponsorships available for June! Email me at kaelahbee@gmail.com and I'll get back to you all tomorrow! 

PPS; Peep the two different shoes in the first picture! Yeah, I walked out of the house like that and Mike couldn't resist himself. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sweet Summertime

Hi honeybees! Sorry for the crickets over on this little blog. Seems I've taken sickly the past few days. An annoying cough has turned chronic, my voice has gone on vacation, and the constant jolt from all of this hacking has left me with a migraine. Always lovely yes? I had to leave work early last night and I've spent the past 3 days sipping on Robitussin DM and Ibuprofen. I'm sure it'll pass soon though! Memorial Day weekend is generally the start of all of the summer shindigs and weekends spent at the river, so I'm celebrating by rounding up a few images that have me pumped for the heatwave coming our way! I'm also going to leave you with a very favorite song of mine (video included!). "In This Diary" by The Ataris is probably my soundtrack to the summer every year! Nothing gets me in the mood for road trips, windows down, with friends like that song...

I want to stop being sick so I can enjoy all of this sunshine in the pool with a lemonade and loud music! 

What are your favorite songs for summer? 
How are you planning on spending your summer months?!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

I'll be honest... I'm getting a little fed up with Blogger. I may have jinxed myself a few weeks ago when someone asked if I liked the Blogger platform and if it ever gave me problems. I raved about how easy to use it was and said nope, no problems ever! Then twice in the past 6 days it's gone awry. I couldn't sign in for 17 hours yestreday/last night. Finally I cleared my cache/cookies/history and it freed up some. C'mon Blogger... get it together! Until then I'm researching the migration to WordPress or TypePad. Even still I probably couldn't get around to it for a few weeks with my schedule. Anyway, let's look at lovely things, shall we?!

♥ this clip of phoebe. she's my favorite! ♥

this pug frenchie + his heart glasses! ♥

♥ this pic of JT reminds me of these guys! HA! see it?! ♥

♥ this example of good parenting ♥

this piece by Alyssa! must buy! ♥

♥ this hair! i want wigs with both plz! ♥

♥ this! Amy Poehler's BUST cover in Liz Lemon's office on 30 Rock! ♥

♥ this other example of awesome parenting ♥

this fab infographic (30DayDetox approved!) ♥

♥ this Atlas Moth from SE Asia/India ♥

What are you loving this week?

PS; In case you're new around these parts, I always source the image under "this" in the caption if I know where the original came from! Unfortunately thanks to sites like Tumblr and WeHeartIt, it's often times impossible to know the origin of pieces. Don't hesitate to share the source of the original creator in the comments below! I'll definitely edit to give credit!
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