Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Cinco de Mayo/Mike's birthday edition! (except the things below have no relation...)

♥ this sad lil kitty ♥

♥ this throwback to.. sychronized waterskiing?!  ♥

♥ this beautiful mid-century living room ♥

♥ these pretty floral shoes ♥

♥ this! you chuckled. admit it. ♥

♥ this is our saying. then "bull wooly bulldog coats." ♥

♥ this gorgeous picture of kat dennings (va va voom!) ♥

♥ this infographic. ♥

these unconventional veils! ♥

♥ this awesome anti-cat calling open letter! ♥

♥ this hilarious gif! Happy Cinco de "Miko" as Mike calls it! ♥

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