Monday, May 9, 2011

30 Day Detox: Mind + Body

It's no secret that lately I've been dealing with some stuff. And by stuff I simply mean just the daily learnings of life which can get us down/put us in a funk. Sometimes the days are brilliant, and sometimes the days leave something to be desired. Little frustrations like a seemingly incoherent driver or a rude passer-by in the store seem to become gigantic obstacles along my daily path. It's also no secret that sometimes I can have a temper. Actually, okay, that might have been a little secret. (But it's true. I really do.) Not the type of temper where I throw things and swing fists or anything like that! Just that I can sometimes let the little things overcome me. One small blip on the radar can turn an entire day around.

But that's when I got to thinking... if one tiny little event like that can turn my day upside down, why can't one positive little thought turn it right side up? Well, I'm vowing to give it a try! I've always advocated positive thinking in this little blog and sometimes I need a reminder myself. For the next 30 days, I vow to abstain from any negative tweeting or blogging! Twitter is typically my "go to" for quick rants. Especially on Friday and Saturday nights at my bar. But I'm a huge believer in what we put out into the world is a direct influence on what we receive back.

Sometimes it just feels so good to get things off of your chest. Maybe a tweet here or there, just to release whatever is building up. Sadly that can be so counterproductive. Not only are we sharing negative energy, but we're putting those exact thoughts into someone else's head. Instead, let's take out the bad and replace it with all kinds of good! Every time we think a negative thought, we should turn around and think a positive one, whether it is about ourselves, someone else, or even a situation.

Not only am I vowing to remove the bad energy from my mind, I'm also going to attempt to remove the bad energy from my body by being more conscious of what goes in it. On the way to work the other night Mike and I stopped for Mongolian stirfry and dessert, and shortly thereafter I realized how unhappy my body was after the dessert. I felt great after a veggie-rich dinner (as usual), but all it took was a tiny amount of ice cream to really make me feel sickly. We started talking about it and of course as most people say, sugar is the culprit of most body evils. They say it takes between 21 and 28 days to banish cravings completely, so let's see how 30 days will do! (Miss Lauren actually went raw last week! While that may not be what works for you [or me], it's a testament to willpower! Go Lauren!) (Oh, and Miss Danielle is also doing an "8 Weeks to a Better Me" on her blog every Sunday!)

I am hoping that by just making small, almost unnoticable changes in my day to day life, I will feel enriched and just... better! Don't we all want to feel better?! If you'd like to take the 30 Day Detox challenge (even if it is only Mind or Body, and not both!) then feel free to snag the button below or the banner up top to use! I'd love to read (& share with my readers!) some of your entries about how you're dealing with frustrating situations since deciding to think positive! Please share them if you do! xo

Edit: The lovely MissCalcul8 suggested we start a Twitter hashtag of #30DayDetox to share your positive and uplifting tweets! I love that idea, so tweet away, honeybees! 

PS; The next thing to detox myself from is shopping! But, let's just deal with it in baby steps, shall we? ;)

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