Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sweet Summertime

Hi honeybees! Sorry for the crickets over on this little blog. Seems I've taken sickly the past few days. An annoying cough has turned chronic, my voice has gone on vacation, and the constant jolt from all of this hacking has left me with a migraine. Always lovely yes? I had to leave work early last night and I've spent the past 3 days sipping on Robitussin DM and Ibuprofen. I'm sure it'll pass soon though! Memorial Day weekend is generally the start of all of the summer shindigs and weekends spent at the river, so I'm celebrating by rounding up a few images that have me pumped for the heatwave coming our way! I'm also going to leave you with a very favorite song of mine (video included!). "In This Diary" by The Ataris is probably my soundtrack to the summer every year! Nothing gets me in the mood for road trips, windows down, with friends like that song...

I want to stop being sick so I can enjoy all of this sunshine in the pool with a lemonade and loud music! 

What are your favorite songs for summer? 
How are you planning on spending your summer months?!

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