Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Pledge Allegiance

This is what I wore on Sunday, sort of. You see, I'm the type of gal who blogs what I really wear. I don't style up outlandish outfits and then blog them, then strip them off and wear something more practical... No, I blog what I actually wear on a day to day basis. So that's where all of my cardigans, dresses, tights and flats come in (well, I've weaned myself from flats everday!) I love reading fashion blogs but I constantly find myself wondering if they really wore that out and about to go do this, that or the other. Some gals have a knack for walking in sky high stilettos, but I am not that girl. (Confession: I was walking in from shooting these and I totally face planted in the hallway of our building and was rolling all around. Mike proceeded to laugh at me, point out how impractical my JCs are and then he helped me up... ha!)  Okay, well, with that being said, you can imagine I didn't actually wear these while on our date day Sunday. Nope. Know why? Because I would've pulled the same stunt in the movie theater and it's a little less embarrassing for my dress to be over my head in the comfort of my own home as opposed to in front of all of Franklin! I was feeling saucy yesterday though as I was trying to recreate the outfit but my bag was in the car, my white belt had gone missing and I don't even remember what shoes I donned. Instead, I opted to throw practicality to the wind and knock some dust off of my darling Daisy Ds.

I didn't want to play up the nautical side of this outfit too much because I'm sitting in a very nautical dress this very moment. Two nautical pieces in a row wouldn't be kosher right? (Isn't it strange how we curate our blogs and outfits like a finely tuned museum?! It's not just me, yeah?) I didn't do it on purpose, but stripping myself of two pairs of tights only to redress is kind of not what I wanna do right now haha!

You can spot some of the many bug bits all over my arms and legs. I'm red from scratching and swatting and cursing those darn bugs. Between the cicadas, overwhelming heat and humidity, and the mosquitos, now you know why I rarely leave the blessing of air conditioning in the summer. Tennessee is brutal!

I was startled awake by an insanely huge storm this morning at about 4:30. We had left one of our windows open a bit for some fresh air and I realized that hail was raining down on our little plants by the window. I woke up Mike and he rushed over to close it while the entire house was illuminated with the brightest lightning. Thunder was rumbling, the wind was incredibly high, and the rain just kept coming. It had been lighting since about 9pm when we got home from the grocery store last night. It was a beautiful show in the sky. It was just breaking across the clouds like something I have never seen before. But I definitely wasn't prepared for this morning! I love thunderstorms, however. But Mike is rather weary of tornados. When I got on twitter this morning I saw a few of my friends tweeting photos from East Nashville (just across the river from where we live, about 2 miles away total) and trees were down, cars were crushed, and it was even a trending topic on Twitter! Hopefully everyone is okay over there! It's amazing how one part of town can be fine while the other gets devestated. This weather has been something else!

Today's agenda is uncertain. But I know I have a lot to do. Hopefully that includes getting back to hot yoga tonight after my weekend break. I'll be kicking myself if I don't go! After a few day break I know it'll be hard to readjust to that heat. Off to drink some water!

Urban Outfitters dress
Forever 21 cardigan
Forever 21 belt
Jeffrey Campbell Daisy D platforms
Canal St. purse

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