Monday, May 2, 2011

Battling Blogger's Block

So I sat here for a little while staring at my computer (much like the guy up there!) and my blog book thinking "What am I going to possibly write about today? What on Earth could I say?" because truth be known: I don't have anything to say really. Nothing profound or exciting, nothing that seems interesting. Then I realized that we all face this... what to post and what not to post for fear that our words would fall upon deaf ears. "What if they don't get it the way I intended it?" I think these fears permeate the very core of every blogger at some point or another. Today's issue just seems to be that I don't know what to talk about. So here I am, rambling about not knowing what to say. Blogging about blogger's block! Ironic, much?

Last night's speech by President Obama was profound. I hope that all of the families affected by 9/11 can find some closure. Many thanks all around to our troops who are doing spectacular work! They get stuff done! Would you laugh at me if I told you that I spent most of the morning reblogging pictures of Obama riding a unicorn with rainbows shooting from his palms? It's true. I did.

To try and combat the blogger's block today I opted to work on some fascinators for the shop update later this week. I went out and bought some gorgeous lace this weekend and so I used a champagne lace for this one. No tulle underlining but just simply lace. I like it. It's very dainty and sweet (in my opinion). I also have white, antique white, brown and black to play with!

Anyway- back to my original point: I have a whole list of To-Do's and potential blog topics to write about in my little book (it's color coded, by the way! Organization FTW!), but I just can't seem to find something that fits into my schedule today or they simply just don't sound good enough right now. I have several DIYs to do, organizing through the house, and company to get ready for... do you ever feel like blogging has to take a backseat? (It definitely should, of course! Life is much more important!) But my point is to ask you this question: How do you combat blogger's block?

Any fool proof tricks and tips you've picked up along your way? I've asked you all what you wanted to see on the 'bee, and I loved your responses! All of them are on my list, but if you didn't get a chance to chime in before, What would you like to see on the 'bee?

I could really use your tips today! ;)

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