Monday, May 16, 2011

The Graduate

I literally have like 20 pictures to post from this outfit. I can't help it. I love this dress and these shoes and this bag and most of all, I really really love the lighting. Mike works wonders with his photo equipment. This again was taken out in the hall of our building. So much character! Ah! This outfit is what I wore on graduation day! This dress was such a lucky find at Marshall's for a whopping $19! (I've been tirelessly searching for another one in a size medium so if you find one and wanna send it to me, I'll PayPal you!) It's absolutely perfect. The color is incredible and I love the lace top and chiffon bottom. (Pay attention to the color palette, honeybees! You might just be getting a sneak peek at wedding colors!)

This beautiful, but totally simplistic, necklace was a gift from Melissa of Little Pancakes! She sent me 4 gorgeous pieces in the mail! Thank you Melissa! Oh my stars they're so sweet! As most of you know, I'm totally not a jewelry person at all but these were so dainty and feminine. They're a nice balance to the huge tattoo they lay across. I've never been able to get that medium with the two so I'm super appreciative! The others will be making their appearance within the next several days! Lipstick, nail varnish, high heeled shoes... now necklaces! I'm a new woman! 

This gorgeous caramel leather bag was a gift from Mike! He surprised me on Friday evening when he came home from work! It's so so beautiful and I had been fawning over this bag for several weeks now. I had every intention of saving all of my graduation money to buy it (after I purchase a button machine) but he surprised me by "being stuck in traffic" on his way home from work! It's a gorgeous Gansevoort bag by Michael Kors and it smells of the richest leather and it has the shiniest buckle details. And I'm super in love with it because it has the two pockets on the sides that are perfect for keys and my iPhone! It's the little things... Isn't Mike just the sweetest?! 

I simply had to put the last photo in there. It's so totally my personality. Even if it's a less-than-flattering photo, so what! That's how I look 90% of the time anyway! Ha. The shoes I'm wearing are my new Blowfish Shoes! They're the Romans and oh my stars, they give my Garrens a run for their money! The rich color and the placement of the straps are totally perfect! They're comfy, too! I didn't faceplant on stage while receiving my diploma so that's good! The only bummer is that they're a little tall in the back so they rub the back of my calf/ankle and that can start to get a little painful after several hours in them. All worth it though! 

I've been thinking about life a lot lately... post-graduation and whatnot. It's a deep thought process so I'll probably share it with you all soon. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback! xo

Marshall's no-name dress
Forever 21 cardigan
Thrifted belt
Roman wedges c/o Blowfish Shoes (Get 15% off with code: BFKAELAH15)
Tiny sticks necklace c/o Little Pancakes
Michael Kors Gansevoort bag gifted from Mike

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