Monday, May 23, 2011

Blushing Denim

Today was an epic fail on the productivity scale, that is unless we could cleaning the entire house, which I did. I meant to work on the shoppe launch and several design endeavors today but stress set in and I decided to clean. (Cleaning is totally my de-stressing go-to. Works every time!) Luckily the house looks awesome, but the work to be done is in a pile sky high. Let's not even talk about the email inbox, okay?! Haha At least I know I'll get to it this week! If you're awaiting an email reply, I'm hoping to have it to you no later than Thursday! Mike is off work Tuesday and Wednesday so I know we'll be up to something, and sponsor emails are the only ones I'm replying to immediately (that's what the end of the month does to me!). Anyway, yesterday Mike and I had a little date day and it was so much fun. This isn't what I wore (this is from today) but those outfit photos will have to wait until tomorrow!

We started the day with lunch at Blue Coast in Franklin and then we headed to the movie theater to see a matinee screening of Something Borrowed. It was absolutely charming and is now up in my "favorite movies" list! We'll definitely be getting it on DVD when it comes out! I want to read all of Emily Griffin's books now! Afterwards we headed to the mall where I did some damage at Forever 21 right before closing and then again at Ross. I'm dying over so many things at Ross lately! Marshall's and TJ Maxx too! I'm not sure why it took me so long to get into discount shopping but boy oh boy, I don't like paying full price anymore! We've been more cautious about where we spend our money and all of that jazz but yesterday was one of those days where I need some superficial, self-indulgence! We ended the night with chinese takeout and we watched No Strings Attached (which is by far the worst movie I've ever seen!) Today he worked and I just piddled around the house most of the day. Great excuse for being unproductive, yes? Ha!

This dress is something I picked up at Forever 21 last night. The fit is great and I love the length. The lace peter pan collar is my favorite! The sleeves are a strange semi-cap sleeve with an elastic hemming and it's all kinds of awful. It squeezes my arms in a really weird way (as I have chubby arms, oh my!) so I think I may take my trusty seam ripper and rip off the cap sleeves. I think it'd be more flattering as a thicker strapped dress! Wish me luck! I opted to pair it with a denim H&M jacket and this fabulous new blush purse with gold zipper detailing. The photos do not do the color justice at all! It's a beautiful beautiful pale rose and I just love it as a cross-body bag! 

Well I'm off! We've gotta run to Publix to do some grocery shopping and the like! Happy happy Monday, honeybees! xo

Forever 21 dress
H&M denim jacket
Marshall's bag
Target flats

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