Monday, May 23, 2011

Little Chief Honeybee turns 2!

Two years ago I made my very first post. While I claimed to attempt updating at least once a day, I had no intention on it ever becoming such a large part of my life. I had no idea that a ways down the road it would be my biggest business venture, and that it would bring into my life so many wonderful people that I will never forget. I didn't plan to document outfits or breakups or relationships. I didn't expect my soon-to-be-new-boyfriend to "get" it (and he didn't, for a while!) I didn't expect so many incredibile opportunities to be placed at my door (or email inbox, if you will). I didn't expect to meet one of my very best friends in the world. I never in a million years could have imagined that in twenty four months that this would be where I'm at in the world.

the first photo ever posted on LCH!

This blog means so much to me. It sounds so silly to say that, I'm sure, but it documents so much of my life since I was freshly-twenty-one. I hope that this little piece of the internet will still be around once Mike and I decide to start a family, and I would love to share this with our children one day. The good, the bad, and the entire journey. I know I've said it before, but I don't feel like any of you are "readers" or "fans" or "followers"... you're truly all fabulous friends that I have the privilege of being around. Even if you just lurk and never comment. If you haven't taken a chance to email me or introduce yourself, please do! I want to meet every single one of you! You are the ones that make this adventure so exciting! So worth it! (It may take me a couple of days to respond... I'm notoriously intimidated by unopened emails!)

In May 2009, I started this little blog and called it Honeybee In The City. Here I was, a wide-eyed 21 year old girl moving to New York City by herself after having only ever been to Times Square. I moved into an apartment in the East Village. I didn't even know where the East Village was! I had no friends in the city, and no idea what I was getting myself into. But I was excited! I would've missed out on so many wonderful things had I never taken that chance. BUST Magazine was absolutely a to-die-for experience these past two years. I'm still constantly inspired by those girls on the daily. I took sick while there and missed out on a week or two of fun, so the blog really kind of didn't pick up until the end of July/early August. But to think that it's come this far since just then!? It's mind blowing. And I love the fact that I have this little space to reflect back on my two summers spent living and working in New York City. Those were two of the best summers of my life and I have so many fond memories!

I used to look up to certain bloggers and just be fascinated at how they carried themselves. They seemed to have this air of confidence about them and they just motivated me to want to be a happier, stronger person. After a tumultuous three year relationship failed (finally!) I gave myself the okay to start living a much more positive life. While I've kept the sad sob stories to a minimum on LCH, I've found that since making the conscious decision to be happy, I don't have quite as many. Life doesn't seem overwhelming anymore. This blog has been there to see many great things transpire in my life, such as getting Georgia or getting back in touch with Mike. I've roadtripped to meet friends and see places. I've documented a large part of my final two years of college. And yes, I actually go back and read some of those entries and cringe in horror and embarrassment at my lack of story telling ability, grammar, and all around interest. (Seriously, It's hard for me. I have to just leave those in the dark past! I get so so so embarrassed!) As crazy as it is, it's been a learning lesson and it's been something that I can look back on and measure just how much I've grown up since then. I'm still a kid, and I think I'll always have a bit of that in me, but now I'm 23 years old, engaged to a wonderful person, and I'm just now on the doorstep for the rest of my life. It's exciting to say the least. And yes, I'm very very cheesy!

One year ago I was overjoyed at the fact my blog had 600 readers. 600 people who thought I was interesting enough to subscribe. (When Mike and I got together, I only had like 220! He's been with LCH almost the whole way!) Now today there are over 4,000 subscribers in just Google Reader (and 5,000 with BlogLovin!)! It's a dream come true and I can't even wrap my mind around it. But that's not even the best part. The best part is the people I've come to know and love and speak to on a daily basis because of blogging. It's brought so many wonderful people into my life. Not only people but sweet businesses and brands, too! I've had the incredible opportunity to work with some of my favorite brands since I started blogging and that's been totally surreal.

So with that I say thank you! To all of you! You all make this journey such a blessing and such a fun experience. The comments, emails, tweets, etc are all just icing on the cake. To know that you're at all interested even remotely in my simple little life in Tennessee... well, that's awesome! I hope to share so much more with you in the future. Including but not limited to: a wedding, fun adventures, a new home in due time, and maybe even little honeybees of our own! But like I said, don't let this be one sided! Send me your emails and your blog links and the like! It's no good for thousands of people to know all about me if I don't know about you, too! Friendship is a two way street!

Thanks for making Little Chief Honeybee one of my favorite parts of the day. Every single one of you deserves credit for this little blog! ♥ I love you all so so much! And Happy Birthday, blog! 

Here's to the next year with all of you! I hope I'm able to meet so many more of you in person and create lasting friendships! I hope I can see more of my best friends in different states, and make so many memories my brain fights to hold them all (that's where you come in, LCH!). Here's to year three of blogging! xo

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