Friday, February 26, 2010

The Never-Ending Sublet Search!

The days are dragging on and it's almost March. Time for me to start my super-hard-head-hunting... well... sublet hunting! I didn't mind living at NYU last year but I'd rather not pay $1,100 a month to share a tiny room and then a tiny suite with 4 other people. Not to mention a tiny single was $1,400. I've had a couple potential leads on Craigslist but its a bit early for that seeing as these are listed already. But Keep your fingers crossed for me!

In the same regard, does anyone know of any sublet opportunities for mid-may until August 1st? Better yet, does anyone need a roommate? Or is anyone looking for a sublet/apartment in NYC this summer? dates are flexible... and if I get the BME internship, It'll be more like the first week of June until August 1st. Regardless, I will be go-go-go!

I hope I can break out of my shell just a bit this summer. I was good about it last year but I think it'll be easier if I'm not thrown into a living situation with someone I've never met, etc. :)

I'd prefer to live in lower Manhattan (in/around Union Square or south) or somewhere in Brooklyn.. but preferably no more than a 20 minute train ride to Union Sq!

In totally unrelated news, I spoke to my ex-best friend-of-6-years last night for the first time in 7 months. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled. Sometimes as humans we have to swallow our pride and focus on what really matters. He even called randomly at 4am and we're still texting now. It's a blessed thing to be able to call someone your best friend for so long.

On the subject of friends... Have you ever had a friend that you totally adored, but he/she started to morph into someone you didn't recognize? Slightly more cold-hearted, distant, and just totally NOT the same person? How about when you've got 2 of those... at the same time... dating each other? The past few weeks have marked a very strange turning point for me in regards to a couple friendships. Part of me thinks "it must be me" merely because I'm the common denominator... but after thoroughly assessing the situation, I can say that without a doubt, it isnt. My friend Caitlin said it best when she said "some people can be so great on their own... but when you put a certain two people together, its like a lethal combination"... okay so maybe that wasn't verbatim but its close! And I think these 2, as much as I love them, are a toxic combo... I want to bring it up to them but I don't even know how to address it. I have a feeling they'll get defensive and try to justify everything they've done. Part of me just wants to be done with people like that but I'm not one to just throw valuable friendships away. Advice?

GalaDarling was more than gracious enough to give me a little shoutout on her weekly carousel regarding the BME intern contest. Such a giddy little delight to see! Thank you, Gala! In case you missed out, I'm a finalist for 1 of the 4 lucky spots on the BME World Tour and your vote would mean the world to me! (But vote for who YOU think deserves it!) Head on over to the ModBlog, check out the stiff competition, and vote! But make it count! You only get to vote once! CLICK HERE to see the finalists!

I need to start getting ready for work! Oh My!


ps; i JUST opened the mail to find a lovely package from my dear penpal Ashley! eep! She always has such cute paper and wrapping and tape! She wrote me a lovely little letter (and has fabulous handwriting!), adorable lined paper and cute green envelope, oh and sent me a gorgeous Anna Sui coinpurse that matches my new favorite dress, too! This makes me so happy! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you Ashley! Expect something in the mail soon! xo

Thursday, February 25, 2010

TiLT 2: Interiors

and my most favorite of all:

♥ (all images via tumblr) ♥

ps; I'm on tumblr. I rarely post (well, i've started once more) but mostly reblogs and such. Just a place to try and clear my harddrive some! follow me if you'd like. click HERE to go to my tumblr. leave your links and i'll follow back! xo

Things I Love Thursday!

A short, visual installment of the weekly TiLT posts! (Prepare yourselves... I'm making ANOTHER one tonight... focused merely on home decor/interior design).
1. Monique Luhllier. She's such a brilliant designer. She can concoct the most elegant and feminine gowns around. Draped dresses, Fitted dresses. The organza, lace, and tulle. Everything feels perfect about her dresses. I remember the cover of a bridal magazine when I was 16 years old... I was with my then-boyfriend, Jamie, and I saw that dress and swore that I'd be married in it or I'd be buried in it. It was from her 2005 Bridal collection and it was jaw dropping. Beautiful silhouette and the most gorgeous sage green satin sash! I still have a photo of it somewhere. My tastes are relatively the same now, but I'd probably opt for much more lace!

2. Paper Shark. Clever origami! I took an origami "enrichment" class in high school (you met like 30 minutes a day, 2 or 3 days a week). I can't remember how to fold a darn thing but this is awesome!

3. Dreamy children's rooms. I, myself, had a FANTASTIC bed when I was younger. It was like a little cottage house with a white picket fence, etc. The facade of the house was "headboard" and even the awning and such hung over the bed. Little windows opened for a small bookshelf and the bed was the "yard"... the picket fence was around it. It was very sturdy and I'd always crawl up and hide on the roof during hide & seek. It was baby pink, lavender, and white. Dreamy! But how about these?!? Talk about feeling like a princess from birth! That carriage crib is somethin that I definitely need to be happening in my nursery.

4. Neck tattoos. And this one in particular. Something about it just... fits.

5. Clever words. I feel like this could apply in more places than one right now.

6. Adorable little houses! Especially quaint little houses with such amazing paint schemes! And look at that amazing car in the driveway!

7. Outer Space meets Beyonce. Need I say more? And Single Ladies will always be one of my favorite anthems.

8. THIS COAT! Does anyone know the designer?

9. Clever Graphic Design. 1. I love the color brown. 2. I love the color peach. 3. HOW FREAKING COOL ARE THESE?!?! I'd use them over and over and over! They remain beautiful out of context, but in context they're hilarious! Balding with age!


What are some things you're loving this week?

BME World Tour Finalist!

How exciting! I've been chosen by Rachel, Jen, and the BME team as one of the 18 finalists! So far so good! I'm sitting nicely in the Poll. The poll doesn't choose the winners, but it helps give an idea of who the BME community supports and likes, etc.

If you have time, it'd be so great if you could zip on over to the ModBlog and throw a vote my way! (Only if you legitimately think I'm qualified for the position though!) By all means, please watch the videos of the other applicants and vote for who YOU think best fits! (You can vote for 4 people, but you can only vote once! Make it count!) Please familiarize yourself with the project at hand and know WHAT you're voting for! It won't feel too tiring to watch the videos... They're actually all incredibly interesting!

Click HERE to visit the ModBlog and see the other candidates and myself. The poll is at the bottom of the page!

Winners should be announced on March 1st so keep your fingers crossed, y'all! Until then, I'm calling my Academic Dean religiously! :D


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

Another much overdue installment of Wedding Wednesday. I can't help but fawn over southern inspired weddings and I dream of the day I get to plan my own. So many little kitschy things will go into it, that's for sure. Dream on, sisters ♥

{all images courtesy of Southern Weddings Magazine Blog}


Food, Inc.

Mike and I have this usual tradition of watching a movie or something before going to bed. We'll crawl up on the big ol' sectional in our room, cuddle up, and put something on Hulu or Netflix. Last night we went through our Instant Queue and decided to watch Food, Inc. It was an hour and a half long, and there were many points I had to turn my head in disgust. Before watching it, I wasn't 110% sure on my stance of whether or not I'd ever eat meat again... I can say almost without a doubt, I won't. Some people in my class yesterday had a conversation about how "hard" it is to be vegetarian. That's just silly. It's incredibly affordable, you just have to know how/where to shop. (Same with being vegan). Granted, faux-meat products are a bit spendy, but you don't have to eat them. Anyway, I'm babbling. Point it, it was an incredible incredible documentary. We both really enjoyed it. There's this one-way mirror on the meat industry (and even soybeans!). The very least we can do for ourselves is become aware of whats going on around us, and better yet, what is going IN us.

If you're interested in watching it (for free!), you can sign up for Netflix's First-2-Weeks-Free Offer. (I signed up and now I'm a huge fan! Go Netflix!) Just CLICK HERE to sign up and watch away!

PS; visit the Food Inc. website HERE!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A few things...

Okay... let me just get out a few things here..

1. I appreciate all of the lovely comments and stuff involving the formspring crap, but i really need to say this because it's been bothering me all day... It was brought to my attention that several people in support of me (or in the support of not being judgemental) went to the girl's formspring and said rude things. Things along the lines of "you're ugly" "the bags under your eyes are gross" "you're gross" blah blah blah... You can't fight fire with fire! No one wins! The ONLY reason I brought it up in my blog was because several of my FormSpring followers got upset about what the girl had to say about me. I brought it to everyone's attention that i'm FINE! I'm okay, I'm not hurt by her remarks. It's so petty to go call someone ugly because she called me fat (especially when I'm trying to show that its rude to begin with). Pot meet Kettle.

2. We can't expect everyone to like us.. People will find reasons to dislike you... even if it's something as trivial as your weight or what color hair you have or what kind of car you drive. There WILL be people that dislike you. You cannot appease everyone! So take kindly to those who support you 100% and respect their opinions... to everyone else, screw 'em!

3. While I appreciate the anonymous army that is behind me, I don't want to fight with her via the internet or make it a big ol' hoopla of a fiasco! Rude remarks thrown her way will only make her more malicious towards me (and in the grand scheme of things, it dilutes the purity of being a kind person.).

4. I should practice what I preach more often. Even today, I found myself in a situation where rude remarks were being made behind someone's back and while I'm friends with both parties, I chose to remove myself from the situation, thoroughly think it through, and decide a plan of action. I do NOT want to be that mean girl from high school again! That's not who I am. I literally wanted to start crying (even though I wasn't the one being badmouthed) because she saw the girls talking about her and she's such a sweet person, I really think she takes these kind of things to heart. While I didn't make any remarks like "ugly" or "gross" in the way of the girl who badmouthed me, I made assumptions that some would find to be a bit too quick on the draw. Granted, I'm allowed to have my opinion (and I do), and I'm allowed to voice said opinion (just like she), but I try to be a better person in the way of only stating fact. Rather than say I think SHE is ugly, physically, I can merely say I think she's ugly due to her personality, or lack thereof. Either way, I need to be better about not letting the high-school-mean-girl slip in regardless of who I'm around. By making said assumptions, or even posting them via the internet, I'm doing nothing but bringing myself to her level. I'm lowering my standards to play dirty with someone who I have no need to even acknowledge. Not only that, I'm degrading the value of my blog by abandoning my optimistic, kind-hearted view on life, to try and reciprocate erratic behavior that should never be tolerated. So to my readers, I'm sorry. I never want to mislead anyone in the way that I carry and portray myself. I apologize for anything that would make you think differently of me.

5. This has been drawn out FAR too long. She has even gone as far as to leave "heyyyyyyyy gurllllll" in my formspring but I merely deleted it so no more attention will be drawn to her/her page. It's all about publicity... That's what she wants. So we won't give it to her. I'm going to go about my life and as should all of you. :) For someone who hates me so much, she sure spends a lot of time on my stuff (StatCounter, you rule!).

6. To end this on a happy note... Check out my badass Shark backpack! It came in the mail yesterdayyyyy! $60 SOOOO well spent! (Btw, Morn Creations is an avid advocate for banning the want (I wont say need because they're NEVER actually "needed") for shark fin soup and the importing of shark fins in countries around the world. Please help support this cause! I'll blog more about it later!

It felt like the first day of school today and I was so so so excited to wear it! My 17" Macbook Pro BARELY fits (its very snug) but it's SO dreamy!


Monday, February 22, 2010


It's been a hot minute since I did any Mixtape Monday posts.. I apologize.. I've been uber busy and not too thrilled at the thought of making a new playlist but alas, I did! They're mostly older songs but they're all good so check them out. Holla!

(click on title to download)

If you'd like to download past mixtapes, just click below! (If you click the title it will take you directly to the download page. If you click "blog post" it will take you to the post on that shows you the tracklist and album art!)

  • Part Two (previously unposted!)

    Here is Fanfarlo's album "Reservoir"!

    PS; feel free to repost this mix (& "album art") as you'd like. Just be sure to include a link back to!


    Sunday Funday

    So I give you our Sunday Funday...

    For starters, a drunk lady spilled a drink alllll over both my sidekick AND my iphone this weekend at work... yep, you heard right. I was able to salvage my iphone (praise!) but my sidekick refused to open properly and all of my buttons stuck. So I took it upon myself to trek over to T-Mobile and get a new Sidekick. Yeah... my contract was supposed to be up in July, but I needed a phone now so now T-Mobile has me yet again until July 2012. Poor poor me. At least my phone is cool. I bought the 2009 Chrome LX. It's nice. So long, little Brown! I really loved you!

    Yesterday Mike and I started the day by cleaning out our cars! Oh joy! Mine needed it SOOO SO bad! I need to have it detailed but maybe later haha We found so much random crap in my trunk! And about 15 coffee mugs in Mike's car. No lie.

    Here's my little baby Delilah... and there's AJ's car in the background.

    Georgia jumped up in the drivers seat and just hung out for a while. She had her paw up on the console. So cute! She was ~just chillin.

    And then she turned into a ladybug...

    Mike had the brilliant idea of taking photos of all the crap we found in my trunk and listing it as a legit ~outfit. So here you go... if you ever wondered what fit in my tiny tiny trunk (not that I think you ever would), now you know!

    Tacky Sunday's Outfit Details:
    Sweater: Goodwill
    Star Wars shirt: Vintage
    Red Dress: Forever 21
    White scarf: Target?
    Ladybug wings: Halloween 2008
    Umbrella: No clue
    (You can't see, but I'm DEF wearing brown crocs, too! EW! They went straight into the trash can. I have no clue why they were in my car...)


    Then we went grocery shopping and went for a nice drive. We drove around Brentwood with the top down on my car (I think Mike likes to drive my car with the top down because the Chanel sticker doesnt show on my back window hahaha) We stopped by this old building for a few ~outfit photos. I look a bit haggard because my hair was a mess and I didn't much feel like photos. :) But we've found a new spot for photos so maybe we'll go back soon!

    Sunday's Outift Details:
    Dress: I have no clue... in my closet from 3+ years ago.
    Cardigan: Charlotte Russe ($25)
    Walmart ($10)
    Flats: Charlotte Russe ($22)
    Headband: Charlotte Russe ($7)

    oh... and then Georgia decided to go play in the muddy creek bed behind our house.. yep.. that happened. This dog LOVES water and mud and anything she can splash around in. She was having such a ball! I took so many photos and Mike even posted some at his blog. You can see the rest on My Flickr.

    Speaking of Mike's blog... I made him a header and a blog button last night so pop on over, say hello, follow him if you'd like, and maybe spread the Miike-word by putting his button on your page? He'd be happy to return the favor!

    Alright y'all! I gotta head to Print 2 class! Off I go!

    Have a Merry Monday!

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