Friday, February 26, 2010

The Never-Ending Sublet Search!

The days are dragging on and it's almost March. Time for me to start my super-hard-head-hunting... well... sublet hunting! I didn't mind living at NYU last year but I'd rather not pay $1,100 a month to share a tiny room and then a tiny suite with 4 other people. Not to mention a tiny single was $1,400. I've had a couple potential leads on Craigslist but its a bit early for that seeing as these are listed already. But Keep your fingers crossed for me!

In the same regard, does anyone know of any sublet opportunities for mid-may until August 1st? Better yet, does anyone need a roommate? Or is anyone looking for a sublet/apartment in NYC this summer? dates are flexible... and if I get the BME internship, It'll be more like the first week of June until August 1st. Regardless, I will be go-go-go!

I hope I can break out of my shell just a bit this summer. I was good about it last year but I think it'll be easier if I'm not thrown into a living situation with someone I've never met, etc. :)

I'd prefer to live in lower Manhattan (in/around Union Square or south) or somewhere in Brooklyn.. but preferably no more than a 20 minute train ride to Union Sq!

In totally unrelated news, I spoke to my ex-best friend-of-6-years last night for the first time in 7 months. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled. Sometimes as humans we have to swallow our pride and focus on what really matters. He even called randomly at 4am and we're still texting now. It's a blessed thing to be able to call someone your best friend for so long.

On the subject of friends... Have you ever had a friend that you totally adored, but he/she started to morph into someone you didn't recognize? Slightly more cold-hearted, distant, and just totally NOT the same person? How about when you've got 2 of those... at the same time... dating each other? The past few weeks have marked a very strange turning point for me in regards to a couple friendships. Part of me thinks "it must be me" merely because I'm the common denominator... but after thoroughly assessing the situation, I can say that without a doubt, it isnt. My friend Caitlin said it best when she said "some people can be so great on their own... but when you put a certain two people together, its like a lethal combination"... okay so maybe that wasn't verbatim but its close! And I think these 2, as much as I love them, are a toxic combo... I want to bring it up to them but I don't even know how to address it. I have a feeling they'll get defensive and try to justify everything they've done. Part of me just wants to be done with people like that but I'm not one to just throw valuable friendships away. Advice?

GalaDarling was more than gracious enough to give me a little shoutout on her weekly carousel regarding the BME intern contest. Such a giddy little delight to see! Thank you, Gala! In case you missed out, I'm a finalist for 1 of the 4 lucky spots on the BME World Tour and your vote would mean the world to me! (But vote for who YOU think deserves it!) Head on over to the ModBlog, check out the stiff competition, and vote! But make it count! You only get to vote once! CLICK HERE to see the finalists!

I need to start getting ready for work! Oh My!


ps; i JUST opened the mail to find a lovely package from my dear penpal Ashley! eep! She always has such cute paper and wrapping and tape! She wrote me a lovely little letter (and has fabulous handwriting!), adorable lined paper and cute green envelope, oh and sent me a gorgeous Anna Sui coinpurse that matches my new favorite dress, too! This makes me so happy! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you Ashley! Expect something in the mail soon! xo

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