Saturday, February 20, 2010


sorry for my little 3-day hiatus. i needed a break from the internet, for reallllll. the past few days have been awesome (and exhausting). i had a huge exam in art history 2 on friday morning and i hate having to try and study for it. that class is the bane of my existence. i didnt go to class thursday morning but the rest of the day was spent running errands and we shot a few outfit photos. i was very sloppy on thursday so i apologize for my appearance.

Thursday's Outfit Details:
Dress: Converse ($35)
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe ($25)
Tights: Walmart ($10)
Headband: Charlotte Russe ($4)
Flats: Ross ($12)

Mike's Outfit Details for Thursday:
Undershirt: Forever 21 ($15)
Buttonup Shirt: Forever 21 ($26)
Jeans: Courtesy of me
Shoes: Journeys ($45)

Friday was the test and I was just happy to have it over with. Later in the day mike and i ran errands, grabbed lunch, had an impromptu picnic in Pinkerton Park (where we took all of the following photos) and then we went to see Valentine's Day at the theater. (it was SOOOO good! i totally recommend it to anyone! i was laughing, crying, etc! such a great cast. i will OWNNN that movie when it comes out!)

Friday's Outfit Details:
Dress: Charlotte Russe ($35. NEW FAVORITE! i fell in LOVE!)
Charlotte Russe ($18 though its a size or two too big :()
Tights: Walmart ($10)
Ross ($12)
Headband: Charlotte Russe ($4 altered)

this is his angry/frustrated face haha awww

Mike's Outfit Details for Friday:
Undershirt: Forever 21 ($15)
Button Up Shirt: Forever 21 ($24)
Pants: Courtesy of me again.
Shoes: Journeys ($45)

Oh, I forgot to mention we took up a new hobby. We were bored so we took up candlemaking. Yep... you read it. Heres a few silly pictures of our less-than-stellar candles!

Oh oh oh! On Friday, Mike was going to surprise me with carnations on my car as I came out of class... but I foiled his plan by leaving class earlier than he had expected. I was still thrilled to come home to some beautiful flowers! How precious!

There's currently some ~controversy going around on my formspring about a certain female and her knack for saying rude/malicious things about me. I'm going to post on that later (well, less on her and more on body image, etc) But for now, I have to get ready for work. I left my makeup there last night so I'm going bare faced with dirty dirty hair and a gross outfit. I just dont feel like getting all spiffed up tonight.

Tomorrow Mike and I are going to clean our cars (yay!) and start some spring cleaning as well. At least I am haha So excited for it to be 60 degrees! I better not get TOO attached... the high will be 31 Thursday! Gah, Tennessee! You're killing me!


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