Thursday, February 11, 2010

my BME World Tour Audition Video

I finished my silly audition video for Rachel at BME. She emailed me and confirmed that she received everything... so now I wait. It would be such a cool experience and I'd love to take part. If you're interested in seeing 10 minutes of me being awkward and nasally and totally unaware that YouTube was going to cut my head off for the first few minutes, feel free to click play.

If you want to show your support for Team Kaelah, you can feel free to leave a nice comment or something on the video! But by all means don't feel obligated! I'm just posting this because it's also me telling more about myself and my tattoos and all that jazz.

I will have more exciting things for you all TOMORROW! Including the outfit photos from today and all that jazz! Right now, Mike and I are going to watch Modern Family and hit the hay so I can make it to my Art History class in the morning and not sleep through it again! Eep! Goodnight lovelies!


PS; for anyone who didn't catch the update... MIKE now has a blog! hooray! Feel free to pop on over, follow him, and say hello! He's very excited about having his own little blog in the blogger world! CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW HIM!

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