Thursday, February 25, 2010

BME World Tour Finalist!

How exciting! I've been chosen by Rachel, Jen, and the BME team as one of the 18 finalists! So far so good! I'm sitting nicely in the Poll. The poll doesn't choose the winners, but it helps give an idea of who the BME community supports and likes, etc.

If you have time, it'd be so great if you could zip on over to the ModBlog and throw a vote my way! (Only if you legitimately think I'm qualified for the position though!) By all means, please watch the videos of the other applicants and vote for who YOU think best fits! (You can vote for 4 people, but you can only vote once! Make it count!) Please familiarize yourself with the project at hand and know WHAT you're voting for! It won't feel too tiring to watch the videos... They're actually all incredibly interesting!

Click HERE to visit the ModBlog and see the other candidates and myself. The poll is at the bottom of the page!

Winners should be announced on March 1st so keep your fingers crossed, y'all! Until then, I'm calling my Academic Dean religiously! :D


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