Saturday, February 6, 2010


Friday I had my alarm set for 9am so that I could get up, actually get dressed for class for once, and then head off to campus. Well, sadly I woke up with an intense migraine. It was AWFUL! I took 3 Aleve and laid back down for what was supposed to be 30 minutes... hoping that it would ease up as I awoke once more and I could go about my day. Apparently in that blissful slumber, I turned my alarm off. I woke up at 10:27am or something and I was already late for class. Bah! At least I haven't missed a class yet so I'm alright. I tried sleeping it off a little but I was up by 10:45. Mike and I decided to eat some cereal so the food helped it go away some. We went about our day, getting ready, going to Panera for lunch, outfit photos, etc.

Friday's Outfit Details:
Dress: Wet Seal ($25)
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe ($25)
Belt: I have no clue
Tights: Target ($7)
Charlotte Russe ($22)
Headband: Charlotte Russe ($7)

Then we headed about an hour and a half south to Lawrenceburg to visit his parents and have dinner and stuff. It was nice. Yummy food and a lovely family. It's nice to see what it's like to be around a larger family... meaning brothers and sisters. His younger step sister Laine was there and I'll just add she has FABULOUS hair! So envious! (in the best way, though!). And his older brother, Ryan, had driven up from Oxford, MS for the evening. I had to leave at 8pm to make it to work on time though.

Work was steady for a while, and then we got busy. It was much appreciated and I was actually glad to be working. I made good money and headed home. Mike was supposed to stay the night with his family but decided last minute to come back home as he was having trouble sleeping. He finally got in right before 4am and we went to sleep.

We woke up at noon (we're trying not to sleep longer than 8 hours haha) and got ready for the day. We had to head over to WalMart to get his glasses which were done. They're fabulous! They're dark brown frames and I really love them. He looks handsome. :) We picked up a few things while we were there and then went to lunch. We actually decided to go to Macaroni Grill... Well, HE decided. We had a nice late lunch and we were off to Nashville. He got his nose pierced with a hoop at Billy Joe's downtown at Broadway and 2nd. Then we ran to the mall to get me new CBRs and a new purse (and rings)! Now we're home, he's playing Xbox and I'm about to get ready for work. Woohoo!

We took outfit photos today but I hate them. I hated the outfit I was wearing and I didnt realize how pregnant it made me look! Eeep! The empire waist starts mid-chest so thats just not flattering! This dress is going in the trash NOW! But I've had it for a long time so it's seen it's better days. (As has the lace cardigan... I think it may accompany it.). Anywhoo!

Saturday's Outfit Details:
Dress: Wet Seal circa 2006 maybe?
Tights: Target ($7)
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe ($25)
Jacket: Forever 21 ($40)
Flats: Charlotte Russe ($22)
Headband: Charlotte Russe ($7)

Tomorrow we were planning on going to visit my parents in Hohenwald but Mike's dad has asked him to be in Nashville by 11 so that probably won't happen. But who knows. :) Off to make that monnneyyy honeyyy!

Have a great weekend! xo

ps; i just got a call saying i was cast as an extra for the new Gwyneth Paltrow/Tim McGraw/Leighton Meester film "Love Don't Let Me Down". holla! i'm only an extra, sure, but it should hopefully be fun :D it just sucks because I'll be working 12-13 hours on Valentine's Day :( boo!

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