Friday, February 12, 2010

Song Suggestions?


as most of you know, Mike and I are going on a little mini-roadtrip [4+ hours each way] to the Smoky Mountains for Valentines Day! Well, we want to make lots of fun playlists to sing along to and document our fun little journey together! This is where you come in!


ones you want us to listen to! they dont have to be romantic or lovey-dovey. they just need to be awesome songs! you can suggest as many as you'd like. help us out hereeee!

also, a fun little thing that i'll post later (if i have time... if not, ill post it tomorrow!)... I'M LETTING YOUUUUU PICK MY VALENTINES DAY OUTFIT! huzzah! mainly because i can't choose between a few dresses so i'm going to get all dolled up (not really... just more like put the dress/outfit on) and let you guys take a poll and choose your favorite. then that shall be what i wear for our fun day in Gatlinburg! eep! hokayyyy gotta go get busy with errands! xo

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