Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day in the Smokies!

So I've never really been a fan of the Smoky Mountains and going to Gatlinburg. Even as a kid when my parents would take me, I'd kind of scoff at the idea of going because it was just cheesy and Dollywood wasn't fun because they didn't have enough rollercoasters... it just seemed too.... family oriented haha But I can officially say that without a doubt I am looking SO forward to this weekend and going with Mike! We booked our hotel (or Mountain Lodge, I guess I should say haha) this morning and I'm in the clear for not having to go to class on Monday (our Print 2 teacher is SO cool. He's so lax with the attendance as long as we get stuff done. It's nice to be treated like an adult at school!) Yay! I'm still going to work Saturday night and then we're leaving super super early Sunday. We're going to drive over (its a 4 hour drive) and all that jazz. We're going to try to hit the Aquarium, Ripley's Museum, and Guinness World Records Museum. Maybe go somewhere for dinner, and check into our ~lodge which has a jacczzi in OUR ROOM! and its bigger than the one in my bathroom! SCORE! It's very... quaint. So its not like super ritzy, but I am SO excited! Yay! Look!

and a few of the Gatlinburg area! I hope we get to go on a cable car lift! I doubt we'll have time BUT MAYYYBEEE!

yay! What are you doing to celebrate Valentine's Day this year? Even if you're solo, I say you dress up and do something fun! :D

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