Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Mondays.

Okayyyy, SO! I felt like I should start the post with a little "cute" factor so that I don't make you want to slam your computer against the wall when I start on my "UGH ITS SUCH A MONDAY" rant. Actually, it's not so much a rant as a simply plea for the Universe to stop testing me. Monday was far from my biggest fan. I woke up and was ready to get dressed and head up to a screenprinter in Nashville with my Print 2 class. A little "field trip" of the sorts. Well, I ran by the bank and was heading to the post office on my way to class and all of a sudden my car starts jerking and freaking me out. I do NOT handle car problems well. I freak out like there's no tomorrow. I try to make it to the post office which is only half a mile away but little Delilah was not having it. I pulled into the Kmart parking lot and just started bawling hysterically. I called Mike (I had just missed his call as I tried locating my phone) and I just cry and cry and cry into the phone. He was at his house in Nashville working so he drove back down to basically come rescue me. I called my mom and explained everything, still bawling uncontrollably, and then I called many a dealerships to see if I could get my car serviced. Mike showed up and he drove my car over there while I drove his. We dropped it off and waited for word to come.

Still shaken up by it, Mike tries cheering me up by taking me out to our favorite little Mexican restaurant. Well, he said (and i quote!) "Maybe Garcia's will make you feel better? Well... I don't know if it's that Garcia's will make YOU feel better... or if it will make ME feel better" hahahahha So selfless, Mike! Thanks! :P Anyway, we headed over to have lunch and talk things over. We headed home so Mike could go back to his house and finish up but he stayed with me. I missed my field trip but I called my roomie Kayla (still crying...) and told her to relay the message to our teacher that I had car difficulties. We THEN gathered things to go run errands. By the furniture store, Best Buy, WalMart, etc. As we walked out of Best Buy it started snowing like CRAZYYYY!! Tennessee does NOT get weather like this! EVER!

Here's a little photographic evidence of what happened in the first half hour! I know its not A LOT but its a lot to us. Out of the car window shot haha

A few random pictures from yesterday:

We came home and made dinner (vegan egg rolls and teriyaki rice) and cleaned cleaned cleaned! Our new couch was coming today so we had to get everything organized. (IT LOOKS SO GOOD NOW!) We watched The Office and Community on Hulu and went to bed.

We woke up a few times this morning before actually getting up but we got up and got ready and I headed to class. I received the dreaded phone call from Walker Chevrolet about my car... it's my transmission. UGH! Something about the Internal Power Switch or something... idk... something that turns on the power to my transmission. It's only going to be $700 to fix (well... $700 I had saved for NYC....) but I guess that's better than the $4000 I was bracing myself for. But my car is a 2006! It's still new! I've been the only owner! FURIOUS! And it's no longer under warranty. ugh. Anyway, I digress... I drove Mike's car to campus (its .8 miles from the house haha) so he could be home to wait on the furniture delivery truck. I had Portfolio today and we went over a typographic poster that i'm editing. We also submitted our ADDY projects for the student ADDY awards in 2 weeks. I headed home after talking to my teacher and was greeted with our big new couch! Mike was laying on it playing GTA4 on his Xbox haha We decided on lunch at Panera (when do we NOT eat here!?) and then took a few outfit photos and headed out.

Tuesday's Outfit Details:
Dress: Victoria's Secret nightgown ($14 on clearance!)
Tights: Walmart ($10, wearing 2 pairs)
Belt: I have no clue
Shoes: Ross ($12)
Headband: Charlotte Russe ($7)

(No outfit post from Monday... it was a cute outfit... but it was just a bad, bad day. sorry!)

And now a few cute photos of my adorable boyfriend. Awesome.

Mike's Outift Details for Tuesday:
Gators Shirt: found in his house (classy, right?)
Jacket: Forever 21 ($40)
Hat: Target ($13)
Jeans: Banana Republic (Kaelah's closet. Yes, they're mine.)
Shoes: Journey's ($45)

Now we're sitting at Panera because for some reason our internet is out. Frustrating, much?! Yes. Very. I'm trying to catch up to emails and comments and new followers. I try to check out blogs of new followers but I def haven't done that in like 2 weeks so maybe I'll get around to it today. Otherwise, Happy Tuesday! If you're new, please say hello!

Also, for anyone who has my blog bookmarked but doesn't "follow" (because maybe you don't have a Blogspot account), you can follow my blog with your Twitter, Yahoo, Aim, or Google accounts! All you gotta do is click "Follow" in the upper left and sign in with your username! Fun! :D


PS; Mike is starting a blog! I'll post his link soon!

PPS; I'm happy to report that today is a way better day than yesterday. Sure, it sucked, but at least I can try to see the good in it all. :)

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