Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Food, Inc.

Mike and I have this usual tradition of watching a movie or something before going to bed. We'll crawl up on the big ol' sectional in our room, cuddle up, and put something on Hulu or Netflix. Last night we went through our Instant Queue and decided to watch Food, Inc. It was an hour and a half long, and there were many points I had to turn my head in disgust. Before watching it, I wasn't 110% sure on my stance of whether or not I'd ever eat meat again... I can say almost without a doubt, I won't. Some people in my class yesterday had a conversation about how "hard" it is to be vegetarian. That's just silly. It's incredibly affordable, you just have to know how/where to shop. (Same with being vegan). Granted, faux-meat products are a bit spendy, but you don't have to eat them. Anyway, I'm babbling. Point it, it was an incredible incredible documentary. We both really enjoyed it. There's this one-way mirror on the meat industry (and even soybeans!). The very least we can do for ourselves is become aware of whats going on around us, and better yet, what is going IN us.

If you're interested in watching it (for free!), you can sign up for Netflix's First-2-Weeks-Free Offer. (I signed up and now I'm a huge fan! Go Netflix!) Just CLICK HERE to sign up and watch away!

PS; visit the Food Inc. website HERE!


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