Sunday, January 10, 2010

Seven Things....

I was tagged by the lovely Riah and I have to blog Seven Facts about myself. This might be a little bit tough but... I'm going to give it a go! in the meantime, go check out her blog and say hello :)

  1. I'm blind in my left eye. When I was really young I had constant high high fevers and it was an onset of my severe Asthma [I practically lived in the hospital until I was 7 or so]. Well the constant high fevers practically burnt my optic nerve up in my left eye and thus resulted in me being blind. Now, it's not like it's pitch black or anything... I can see remnants of value, but I cannot distinguish anything or any actual color. I've never seen out of both eyes before, so I'm prone to asking silly questions about the ability to do so. [This hindered me in softball... I was horrible at bat because I lead with my left eye and it really throws off my depth perception.] And a funny story: My dad was never really around much when I was little, but when I'd go visit him I'd tell him my "bad eye" was my right eye because I had to wear an eye patch for several hours a day to strengthen my left eye.. well I'd tell him it was my right eye so he'd put the patch on the left eye and I could still watch cartoons. hahahahaha.
  2. I'm an only child. It was really just my mom and myself growing up. Like I said previously, my dad wasn't around. However, he had another son and daughter [16 and 14 years my senior, respectively]. I got kind of close to my half-sister, but now I honestly don't even speak to that side of the family aside from occasional holiday texts from her or my brother-in-law. I like it just being me and my mom [and my step-dad, now].
  3. I'm named after my late aunt and cousin [Valerie Kay and Stephanie Dawn] so my name is Kaelah Dawn. My aunt Kay and my mother were really really close growing up. She had a little girl named Stephanie and unfortunately in 1974 they were both killed in a fiery car crash. My aunt was 22 and Stephanie was 2. [This was 14 years before I was born] So in honor of them both, my mother took both of their middle names and named me. The crazy weird part is: I'm exactly like my Aunt Kay. I look like her, I have the same personality as her, and she was always very very athletic growing up. I'll post a photo of her one day. :) If i could go back and meet anyone in the world, it would HANDS DOWN be her.
  4. I was 99% sure I'd go to college for Sports Medicine. It just kind of felt 'right' I guess. Being that I played sports all growing up. I'm glad I didn't though... not that it wouldn't be rewarding, but I really love what I'm doing now.
  5. I have an undying love of vintage teacups and tea pots. Really. I do. Send me some! :P
  6. I have no intention on stopping the tattoo process any time soon. Next on the list are tribute & memorial tattoos for my Nana and Papa on the back of my calves.
  7. I have my septum pierced, and have had it for 6 years. I keep it flipped up [it tickles when it's down!] so a lot of people have never even laid eyes on it. Mike constantly heckles me to wear it down because he really loves it. so maybe today I will :)
Awesome! My 7 things are done! Now it's time to tag 7 other people!


Girls, please post your 7 things and tag 7 other lovely bloggers!

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