Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sweet Treat & V-Day Giveaway!

it's that time again! and if you know me at all you know that Valentines Day is my FAVORITE HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR! [even when i'm single]. i just LOVE this holiday! I love all the love! the pinks and reds and whites and cupcakes and hearts and lace and romance! asdklfjs;aldj eep!

Here's what you'll win if you're the lucky one!
  • One Yellow & Pink Cupcake Puppy [the cupcake opens & a puppy pops out!]
  • One Fuschia Pink Bow [handmade by me]
  • One White Lace Bow on Black Elastic Headband [handmade by me]
  • One Goody Bag of Candy & Valentine's from Mike and Me!
  • 3 Heart Shaped Plates [I'm Yours, I Love You, Hug Me]
  • Pack of Valentines Cupcake Baking Cups & Heart Flags
  • 2 Different Fridge Magnetic Photo Frames
  • One Pack of Farm Animals [Random? But Cute!]
Now! Here's how you win!
  • One entry for following my blog! [You don't have to have a Blogspot to follow! You can follow with your Twitter, Yahoo, or Google accounts! Just click *FOLLOW* in the top left navigation bar!]
  • One entry for tweeting about this giveaway! [Please provide a link to your tweet in the comments!]
  • One entry for mentioning this giveaway in your blog! [Please provide a link to the entry in the comments!]
  • One entry for adding my button to the sidebar of your blog! [Please provide a link to the entry in the comments!]
  • One entry for posting my "What makes your heart Flutter?" picture with it linking back to my blog! [Please provide a link to the entry in the comments! You can do this on tumblr, livejournal, blogspot, or even Twitter! The HTML is provided for you HERE]
  • And earn extra entries for EACH time you blog or tweet about my giveaway! [thats right! this time you can earn EXTRA! but obviously please don't flood your friends list, thats just rude! :P just provide a link to each instance in the comments below!]
BUT PLEASE NOTE: EACH ENTRY MUST BE IN A SEPARATE COMMENT TO BE COUNTED! this way i dont have to go through and count each individual comment and divide up the entries! it's the easiest and fairest this way! :D

The contest will run from tonight until Sunday, January 24th and 12 midnight EST/11pm CST. I will post the winner and ask that you contact me via email with your mailing address! The package will be mailed Monday, Jan 25th!

Good luck everyone! xo

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