Friday, January 8, 2010

friday friday friday

First and foremost, I was the recipient of an awesome Blog Award from Lindsay the other day! so very flattered that I was one of 10 she chose and I hope I can find the time to hand out this award myself!

so i said i was going to get around to dying my hair last night but i definitely didnt. we had to run to walmart, do some stuff, and then we spent hours taking photos of clothes i'm getting rid of [read: i helped the first hour, then we came to a compromise and he worked on it for another 2 hours or so. what an awesome dude. we took a little break to cook dinner, and we made some really yummy nachos with this new "cheese" we got at whole foods.

granted i burnt a few but whatever. they were really yummy. we used Mission tortilla strips, picante sauce, refried beans and Vegan Alternative [i think thats the brand? i'll have to double check] nacho flavored "cheese" [i wasn't aware that its made out of tofu!] but it shredded really well, it melted, all the good things of cheese! the only real notable difference was that it was INSANELY soft when shredded, unlike real cheese. it was interesting :) but i'm glad we tried it. we definitely enjoyed it.

we finished working on getting some of the clothing up to sell [you can peruse the stuff uploaded thus far by clicking HERE] and then we settled into bed to watch "THE GOODS: Live Hard. Sell Hard" I was surprised at how funny it actually was. Typically i feel like movies like that have a tendency to flop but it was actually incredibly humorous. a lot of WTF moments haha

we woke up at 10 or 10:30 and he was out the door soon after to meet a friend for coffee in Nashville. he's on his way back now and i've just kinda been lazin' around. My car should be out of the shop today. with a new windshield and a newly painted hood! oh joy!

As for me, right now i'm going to continue to respond to emails and then legitimately go dye my hair haha my curling tutorial might have to wait until this weekend [my extensions are curled already and my new ones won't hold the curl sufficiently yet].

oh, another thing... apparently someone who reads my blog has a problem with me "portraying myself as though i live in new york city" when "in reality" i only did a "brief internship"... now, i dont know how long this person has been reading my blog, but i make it very known that i DO indeed live in tennessee currently.. of course i do.. i talk about franklin and nashville in almost every post. i came to gather after i answered this anonymous person [via formspring] that maybe it has to do with the fact my sidebar says "nashville native. calls new york city home"... well, for starters, that hasn't changed since i started my blog in may. this blog started as i packed my things and headed to NYC alone to DO my internship. this was a way for my family and friends to see/read what was going on in my day to day life up there. fast forward, i got really sick up there and i was always SO busy [interning 5 days a week rather than 3] so i didnt keep up with it. [hence the name HONEYBEE IN THE CITY . BLOGSPOT . COM] anywhoo, i picked it back up a few weeks later and here i am today. Do i live in new york city currently? No. Do I plan on returning to New York City soon? Absolutely. I'll be returning for 3 months starting in May [for the same internship AGAIN]. I'll come back to Nashville in August, finish my last semester of college, and go from there. Do I plan on moving there permanently post-graduation? You betcha. Mike and I both are working out savings strategies and we're trying to plan ahead for the permanent relocation that is going to happen. Have I ever tried to mislead any of my readers? Never. I'm all about positive attitude, preparation, and jumping at opportunities [see my sleeve tattoo: there are places and there are opportunities]. New york city gave me the biggest opportunity yet, and I fell IN LOVE with the publication I worked for. I WILL work and live in New York City after graduation. I'm not even leaving an inch of room for doubt to creep in. That will be the next chapter of my life. Would it appease this person if I removed the line from my 'about me'? Because when it was written, i was definitely calling NYC home... I worked, I ate, I slept, I played... I lived there. Anyway, i didnt mean for this to get THIS long, but I guess I felt as though I needed to somehow explain myself to the readers.

Off I go to dye my hair and be productive! Wish me luck!
PS; if you're interested in buying anything i'm getting rid of, CLICK HERE TO VIEW WHAT'S FOR SALE and then EMAIL ME at KAELAHSCLOSET @ GMAIL [dot] COM!

PPS; peep this ADORABLE picture of my two favorites!

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