Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Here's a short list for the Things I Love Thursday this week. I'm keeping it short and sweet because I'm beat like you wouldn't believe. And I've still gotta go to the gym tonight! Where do all the hours in the day go?! Anyway, here's the stuff making my heart sing this week:

NEW YORK SPORTS CLUB: I knew when I got back to NYC I wanted to start going to the gym regularly once more. To be honest, I had gotten far too lax about it prior to the flood, and then once the option was there at all AFTER the flood, I began regretting it all together (not to mention becoming more of a chubby bunny than usual!). So once in NY, I kicked my butt in gear (I say I did, but it's only been like three days so let's hope I hold to this) and joined the New York Sports Club across the street from my apartment. So far, it's amazing. There are a ton of people and 99% of them are super fit, but it's even more motivation. The night we signed up, Liz and I worked out for a solid hour and a half doing cardio. Then last night we hit up the Vinyasa Yoga class and loved it. (But more on that later!) Liz and I are going to meet downstairs again in about 20 minutes to head over to the gym once more. Now, I'll be keeping it light tonight, but that's no excuse not to go. I feel like a million bucks and that's the best part of all.

Starbucks now offers a VEGAN Frappaccino!: Holy did you hear that?! While I'm not on a strictly-vegan diet at the moment, I do eat almost entirely vegan (with the exception of my Honey Nut Cheerios and cheese topping here and there). The flood threw all of it off track but I'm a happy vegetarian that almost always opts for the vegan-alternative if presented one. I didn't think I'd be able to give up my morning frappaccino on the way to work though. It gets so hot in the city so a nice icy coffee beverage helps cool me down as I walk my booty over to BUST. But now it's vegan! Even better! I hate whipped cream and I don't care for sauce toppings, so when I found out the Caramel Frappaccino from Starbucks is vegan if ordered with Soy, No Whip, and No Caramel Sauce Topping, I was ecstatic! I ordered one this morning! Yum! I'm not typically a fan of a lot of caramel... it's too sweet for my liking, but I was thoroughly impressed. Here's to Starbucks and their However-You-Want-It Fraps!

New York City: The city that many aspire to! I always thought I wanted to be a NYC gal. Then it was California. And as I basically had a second home in Cali and would visit multiple times a year, it became very very clear to me... I was NOT a California girl. I first visited NYC in October 2008 for Teen Vogue Fashion U.... I stayed strictly in the Times Sq area, so when presented with the opportunity to move here last summer and intern at BUST, I was nervous! Moving, all by myself, to a part of the city I had never even seen... Unreal! But so worth it! I put on my big-girl pants and I trotted my way to my new apartment. I made the best of it. And here I am again.... in the same situation... and equally-if-not-more than thrilled than last year. Even as a 22 year old adult, I wonder if I'll be able to raise my family in the city, etc, and to be honest, I'm not sure that I want to. I'm southern born and southern bred and by golly I want my kids to be southern, too! I realize I can instill the same morals and beliefs regardless of where we're living, but there's something about the south... something you just can't fake in the big city. But until then, I will continue to pursue my dreams and make good things happen. I still love the looks I get when I start to talk. Y'all just don't get it, huh?

BUST Magazine: I remember the night exactly... It was roughly 2am and I was reading BUST in my bedroom at an old apartment. It then hit me.... I want to work here! Many emails and lots of friendly conversations later, I was given the chance to prove myself with a summer internship. It was a short one due to living arrangements, and then of course I became deathly ill for while, but it was all worth it. And leaving NYC knowing that I'd be coming back in 2010 made it so much easier. The ladies at BUST never cease to amaze me. I'm inspired by every single one. The magazine, the personalities behind it, etc. I'm not just saying that to kiss booty either! (I don't think anyone at BUST reads my blog anywhoo) Erin (the senior designer) is the most adorable thing and she's got such an incredible design eye. I love everything about the aesthetic of BUST. I think that was what tipped me off the most about wanting to work there. It's just so pretty to look at! It doesn't hurt that she's young, too, so that's even MORE inspiring! I love my job... no matter if I'm running around the city gathering pick-ups for a shoot, calling or emailing publicists for photos, or designing... being a part of something so fantastic is incredibly rewarding. And I know how blessed I am to have this opportunity.

Vinyasa Yoga: Liz and I tried it for the first time last night. It took some getting used to, I wobbled here and there, and I definitely got some poses in an instant, while not quite grasping others. But it's all a learning process. Oh, I can't forget, I was sweating buckets, too! Lovely! The cool down was the best part. To just lay there and concentrate on our breathing. I promise you I've never felt more relaxed. To say the very least, I'm DEFINITELY going back!

Okay well that's that! I've gotta get dressed and get to the gym in the next 10 minutes! Then I'm cooling it for the night and I'm going to try to watch that "Pretty Little Liars" show. Phew!



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