Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Up To Date Update! (Clever or Redundant?)

I got into NYC on Saturday, and here it is, already Wednesday (I first typed Thursday... that's how worked I feel). Mike was with me for most of the duration thus far (leaving yesterday afternoon). Last night after getting back into Manhattan, I met up with Liz downstairs and we trudged across the street to the New York Sports Club gym and signed up. Huzzah! Afterwards we ran upstairs and changed into workout gear and headed back to the gym to work out. We were there for about an hour and a half and did pretty much strictly cardio. It was nice to get back to the gym. I've been much too lax about it recently. After the gym I came home to freshen up and then I Skype'd with Mike for a little while before heading to bed.

This morning I woke up and Skype'd with Mike for an hour as I got ready for work. I trotted over to the new BUST office and Erin showed me around. First order of business was to harass (well, not really harass, just contact) some publicists for some photos for the Fall Preview issue and what not. I did that practically most of the day, all the while working on a vignette for the Reality TV article in the new issue.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go shopping for the fall fashion feature photoshoot (say that three times fast!). It's supposed to be stormy so hopefully that won't be an issue. Today I was caught in the rain sans umbrella so I dipped into a shop and bought a cheapo $3 one which broke before I got home (and got tangled in my hair on the way!).

Tonight Liz and I met downstairs at 8:15 for our 8:30 Vinyasa Yoga class. I was incredibly nervous but it was a tiny class (Liz and myself with 4 others) and the teacher was really great. We both ended up having a great time, sweating like whoa, and feeling really good. I came home and settled in with the last two episodes of Glee (so good!) and now I'm Skype'n with Mike once more! The cycle continues!

This was my outfit today. Pardon the awful iPhone-in-mirror photo... My room is much too tiny to get a legit photo, and one of my bulbs is busted so I don't even have proper lighting here! Sheesh!

{Outfit Details o6.o9.1o}
{Dress: Madness $30}
{Tights: [2 pairs] WalMart $12}
{Flats: KMart $13}
{Belt: I have no clue}
{Headband: By Me at My Etsy}

I'm going to duck into bed soon because I'm exhausted, but I hope you're all having a wonderful week and all that jazz!

Oh, and exciting news! Mike is coming back to the city July 2-5 (which means he'll be here for 4th of July festivities!) and he'll be back AGAIN August 4th to help me pack up and drive home on August 7th! Guess we better find a new place to live in Franklin/Nashville before then! I don't wanna be moving like 7 times in just a few months!


PS; Mike and I are doing this thing where we each take one photo a day (of anything, really) and post it onto our blogs. Kind of a little insight to our day. He's posting his on HIS BLOG. So pop on over and check it out (and give him a follow!). Here's mine.

Mine is my work station at BUST today. My computer, Wacom (I resurrected it from the flood! Holy someone upstairs is looking out for me!) tablet, Legal pad with lots of daily notes, call sheet, my notebook which contains my life, faux-southern sweet tea, etc. You get the gist. :)

{Daily Photo: o6.o9.1o}
Manhattan, NYC.
5:12 pm

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