Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daily Photo

Today is another two-parter... Mainly because today was so incredibly busy. I guess it can also serve as a teaser for everyone else reading. (Real update tomorrow, I hope!)

Today I woke up feeling very sick. Sore throat and a vicious cough to boot. I forced myself to sleep a little while longer. But it was all remedied with a trip to Red Bamboo and Coney Island with Lisa today. These are two wonderful things I can't wait to share with you when you come back to the city. Though I think we'll wait until August for a Coney Island adventure, simply because the crowds are a bit overwhelming. Doesn't my vegan [soy] chicken parmesan look incredible?! There was a swing ride that lifted you up way way high and it made me nervous just looking at it. Maybe I can work up the courage to ride it... I'm not holding my breath though. You'd really enjoy Coney Island and Luna Park... there's a 7 year old inside of you dying to get out, I just know it (hey, I wear a shark backpack! no hating!). I only wish I had a photo from the aquarium... Love you. (See Mike's Daily Photo by CLICKING HERE)


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