Thursday, June 17, 2010

Daily Photo

Two photos tonight. But mainly because they allude to the same thing. (That first one isn't meant to look like I'm snogging the shark haha!) The same routine every evening. Cuddling up in bed with the A/C on (a cool 66 degrees), pillows all around, cuddling with Mike (as you so affecitonately named the shark you bought me) and a few episodes of Weeds. I'm already on Season 4! Episode 5 at that! I know you're beating me, but then again, you have more downtime so hush! It's an okay show... but nothing beats Dexter. I'm halfway tempted to watch all 4 seasons of Dexter again... man that would take forever. But I really do love that show.. Speaking of which, we have to get Shotime when I move back to Nashville! haha Okay, okay! I love you.


PS; CLICK HERE to see Mike's Daily Photo.

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