Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daily Photo

So first things first, I broke down and bought that stupid Hipstimatic iPhone app... yeah, I know... like 3 months behind everyone else. And I hate it. It's really rather stupid. But still, I gave it a shot. Maybe it'll grow on me? Anywhoo, this is my daily photo. It's a photo of Toby (duh! You know this). It's the little mini-polaroid I have hanging over my bed. It's the one we took of him the first time he ever came to our house. I thought it appropriate with it being Father's Day and all. You're such a wonderful Dad... really. It's amazing how much love you pour into Toby. I can tell just by looking at you that he's the most important thing in your life and that makes me so so happy. I never want to come before Toby... ever. I know it's usually not easy for a woman to be the second mother of a child... We won't be able to experience this together for the first time, but the important part is that we experience it together to begin with. I love Toby so much and I'll love him all the same when we decide to have our own little ones. I wish I could have been there with you guys this weekend. I would have loved to celebrate with our little family. Give him lots of hugs and kisses for me (and to Georgia too!) Tell her that Mommy loves her and I can't wait to see her tomorrow night via Skype after her surgery! Keep her safe for me! I love all of y'all ♥ [Read/See Mike's here: via HIS BLOG]


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