Sunday, June 6, 2010

Finally in NYC!

Sorry for the unforeseen hiatus around here! I was hoping that I'd have internet wherever we were staying on Friday night (some itty bitty ol interstate town in Virginia) but alas, I did not. I spent a good 2 solid days in the car and we had a blast. It was a long long long journey but we went spelunking, and to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. And we got to my new place in the city yesterday evening. Mike and I spent the last few hours of the night going to get things for my room (my AC is busted until at least Monday) so we're sweating up a storm. He's only here for a few days so rather than sit here and blog, we're going to go do stuff :D I'll try to have you a legit entry tonight ♥

Thanks for sticking around!


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