Monday, June 28, 2010

Daily Photo

Today's Daily Photo hails from the office. I have this specific pair of tights that I really love (Walmart! Hayyyy!) and they're a nice thickness and rather opaque for only being one pair (and $6!). I've been less than pleased with my H&M and Target tights, so I was really bummed when I put a hole in these. As you can see, the hole continues to grow. It spans pretty much the length of my leg at the moment (which we all know is stubby anyway haha). At least ripped tights are "in" right?! Maybe I'll just look like I'm trying to ~fit in. I really can't wait for you to be here in a couple days. And with several pairs of tights in tow! (Don't forget!) Also, my tripod! I can't believe I'm asking you to lug all of this 1,000 miles to NYC. Either way, I'm excited you're coming. Even more excited that I'm in the clear for being off of work Thursday-Monday, AND you can stay all 4 nights. Love you! (CLICK HERE to see Mike's Daily Photo.)


PS; In case you're new around these parts, Mike is my boyfriend and he's in Nashville while I'm living in NYC. We take a "Daily Photo" every single day to document something we've done, and then we post them on each of our blogs at the exact same time with a little note to each other. Kind of like a little glimpse into our days while we're apart. Just 5 more weeks and I'm back in sweet Tennessee.

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