Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday!

1. Jenny from SunnySweetPea and her New Challenge! This girl is awesome! She's already climbed the Great Wall of China and went skydiving for an awesome cause, now she's looking to free-swim a mile for the British Gas Great East Swim as well as climb the three highest peaks in the UK (in under 24 hours!)... all for the sake of raising money and awareness for some great causes! How fantastic is this?!?! I'm sure we could all take a lesson from her noble choices and willingness to help others! Such a treat and as her swim is this Saturday, you should pop over to her blog and wish her luck! Good luck Jenny!

2. SLOTHS! This video just seals the deal on the fact that sloths are my favorite land-dwelling animal! I'd love to venture to Costa Rica and check out the sloth habitat one day! Such adorable creatures! How can you not fall in love with those faces?!

3. My Daily Note From The Universe Today: I'm sure we received the same thing if you subscribe, but I liked the one sent today. It was nice and refreshing. I'm going to share it with you! (I hope you love yourself today! And tomorrow and the next day, too!)

"Can I give you some advice that you won't take the wrong way?

How did I know you'd say yes?

Buy something nice for yourself, Sweet Angel. Show it off. Be proud. Love your taste. Love yourself. Spin some secrets, tell a few. Stay out too late every so often and sleep in too long. Play loud music. Make a few mistakes. Celebrate everything. And when no one is looking, kiss the back of each of your hands in quick succession... Mwah! Mwah!

Happy love affair, gorgeous...
 The Universe"

4. Wise Words by Orison Swett Marden:
"If you do not feel yourself growing in your work and your life broadening and deepening, if your task is not a perpetual tonic to you, you have not found your place."

5. Today's Weather in NYC! Today was fantastic. Such a nice, warm-but-cool day with a swift breeze to boot! The wind did pick up a little bit for a while but nothing we couldn't handle. We were given a break from the seeming-incessant rainfall and I will admit that I don't miss the Tennessee humidity one bit!

6. Jack at DogTagArt wrote a little blog about his collaboration with Ashley to help benefit our own little Miss Georgia Sue! How sweet! I'm still eternally grateful for everything Ashley put together and for Jack's matched contribution! And many many thanks go out to all of you who helped support my Etsy and posted Georgia's little button on your blogs! You are all such stars! (The photo above includes a few of Ashley's dogtags for sale!) The site is seriously fantastic! I could search around for dayyyysss! And it's a wonderful way to make cute art and bring in some extra money! Check it out!

7. YOU! All of my readers and friends and penpals alike! You're all so fantastic! This blog wouldn't exist without you! (Well, it might, but I highly doubt it as it'd be much too hard to motivate myself!) If I don't know you personally yet, please take a minute and shoot me an email and introduce yourself! I'd love to know you all! Just say hello or tell me about yourself/your day/your favorite things, etc! I'm always open to listen (err.. read?). Here's my email: KaelahBee (at) gmail (dot) com!

What are YOU loving this week?!


♥ (all photos courtesy of weheartit) ♥

PS: DO YOU HAVE A BLOG? WANT ME/MY READERS TO CHECK IT OUT! LEAVE A LINK (and a little blurb maybe?) ABOUT IT IN THE COMMENTS! Or suggest some of your own favorite blogs, too! Gimmie some new reading material!

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