Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Daily Photo

Today's daily photo is a dark one (dark as in lack of light, not like gothic or anything!). It's a picture of my air conditioner/window at night. It's the only light in my room. I set my AC at 66 degrees everynight so it's nice and chilly in my room. I leave my blinds up 24/7 so a little bit of light comes through from the opposing buildings, even though I prefer pitch black. My air conditioner is really loud, but it's really no match for the Manhattan streets at night. I like it really cold in my room so I can cuddle up real tight under the blankets while I sleep. I find that it helps me sleep better, considering the fact I'm without a cuddle buddy (well, that's a lie... I do have Mike The Shark!). Just 7 days and you'll be here though! [CLICK HERE to see Mike's Daily Photo]


PS; The winner of the Handmade by Meggs giveaway is: ZOE!

Congratulations Zoe! Shoot me an email at KaelahBee (at) Gmail (dot) Com so we can get you your goodies! Thanks for everyone who entered! The second sponsor giveaway will be on Friday! Keep your eyes peeled!

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