Friday, June 25, 2010

Shop It To Me: An Invite!

So I'm very much a shopaholic at heart. It's true. I feel like retail therapy is some of the best therapy around... well, maybe I'm biased. Either way, I've used Shop It To Me for the past few months and I've written about them before (usually just a little post script at the end of an entry) but upon rediscovering $120 worth of gift cards I thought I lost, I'm in a good mood and I want to share the wealth!

Shop It To Me is a website that deals out the latest and greatest sales on the web for all of your favorite designers. Be it True Religion, Free People, Marc Jacobs (my fave!), or Miu Miu. And the savings are ASTRONOMICAL! I'm talking 50% here! Anyway, It's no gimmick and it's 100% legit. You can sign up and choose to receive NO emails whatsoever! The best! 

Well, to date, I've received $240 in giftcards from Shop It To Me... so I'm pretty much hooked. It's really as simple as signing up and spreading the word. So here I am... spreading the word! If you want to sign up, you can use my "Invite Only Link" and get it done!

Really... totally that simple! And now, I'm going to go use my rediscovered gift cards to Urban Outfitters to go buy me some sweet new gaudy headphones so I can stop complaining about these Apple earbuds! Finally! My ears shall rejoice! 


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