Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday, again?!

Howdy ho there, partner! Two updates in one day you say? Whaaa! Okay okay... Liz and I just got back from seeing Toy Story 3. We decided to forgo our usual gym routine and treat ourselves to some childhood flashbacks, laughs, and probably some tears, too. 

First off, can you believe the first Toy Story came out fifteen years ago! I was only SEVEN! Oh my! While I can't tell you too terribly much about the second one (it's been a while!), I can tell you that without a doubt, this was the best movie I've seen this year! Tuesdays were always my date night with Mike, so I had to do a little compromising but we had a wonderful time. Movie tickets are so expensive in NYC ($16.50 each! Eep!) but it was well worth it! There wasn't a single minute of the movie that wasn't entertaining! So much laughter and so many memories. I thought it was awesome how it was definitely made for our generation. Not even for our little brothers or sisters. There's so much that kids today wouldn't understand and it was a wonderful ending to a great story. I held back the tears (for the most part) until I saw a guy 2 rows up from me crying. Then I just kinda decided to go with it. There was a girl behind me that at one point had to catch her breath. It was definitely a treat and I recommend it to anyone who wants a little taste of nostalgia.

Afterwards I popped over to The Lyric Diner and grabbed a veggie burger to go. You'd think that all I ever ingested were pickles, Naked juices, and oj by the looks of my fridge! Grocery shopping tomorrow... a must! Now I'm hanging out at home while I wait on Mike to get back home so we can Skype.

Tomorrow is my last day of work for the week! I have Thursday, Friday, AND Monday off since Mike is in town! Woo hoo! You can be that this weekend will be full of photos, picnics and adventures! I'm so excited he gets to come visit for the holiday! Do any of you have any sweet plans for the 4th?! This is my first year away from home [and by away I mean "away away" aka 1000 miles from my family]. I don't know what we'll get into, but I can for sure tell you that we will NOT be going to Governor's Island! She and Him are playing a free show but I can't even imagine the mad house! 

Anywhoo, I'm off of here! Im gonna try to catch the series premier of Huge online! There was a big ruckus over it at work today and apparently everyone loved it. Did you watch it? What did you think?  I'll be back with my daily photo soon!


PS; Thanks for everyone's reactions and comments on the last post! It was really great to hear what you had to say! The gal who asked followed up on my FormSpring and I directed her here. Hopefully she'll gather some reinforcement from all of your amazing words!

PPS; Danielle of Sometimes Sweet featured me on her blog today for Tattoo Tuesday! Such an honor to be asked and I'm still incredibly flattered. Thanks so much Danielle! CLICK HERE if you'd like to read it!

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