Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Foodie Feature: Mike's Udon Yum-Yum

Okay, so let's just be honest here... I have absolutely nothing to do with this post except for 1) I named it [Do you really think Mike would name something "Udon Yum-Yum"?!] and 2) I nom'd the beejeezus out of it [Seriously... it's delicious!]. Now that we've got that out of the way, we wanted to showcase some more of the things we make [read: Mike makes, we eat] because many of you expressed interest in seeing and hearing more about what we cook via the survey. So here you have it! I don't know how often this will happen, but I'm sure it'll be much more frequent as Mike has been cooking every single night and everything is deelish! From here on out in this post, it's Mike talking to you so enjoy! [And let us know if you decide to give it a go!]. You can visit [and follow!] Mike's blog by CLICKING HERE!

Mike's Udon Yum-Yum

Udon Yum-Yum

  • Canola Oil
  • 1 Clove of garlic (NOT the whole thing!)
  • 2.5 Cups of broccoli 
  • 1 Yellow Squash
  • 1 Zuchini
  • 1 Red pepper
  • 10 oz of Udon Noodles
  • Sweet and Sour Sauce
  • Salt and Pepper

Udon Yum-Yum

Step 1:
Cook noodles according to package directions. You want to be careful you do not cook the noodles for too long otherwise they will be a little mushy. You want them to be thoroughly cooked while still being firm. When the noodles are done drain the water in a large colander and then toss them under cold water to stop them from cooking any further. 

Udon Yum-Yum
Udon Yum-Yum
Udon Yum-Yum
Udon Yum-Yum
Udon Yum-Yum

Step 2:
Chop your vegetables to desired size. I usually chop them in to pieces about the size of your thumb. Not the size of your friends thumb, YOUR thumb. 

I usually put my broccoli in a steamer bag and microwave it for about 30 seconds just to soften them up a bit since they tend to take much longer than any of the other vegetables to cook. This way you can toss everything in together and the broccoli is already nice and moist. 

Combine all the vegetables in a mixing bowl and then add in your minced clove of garlic. Salt and pepper your veggies to taste and then mix them all together. 

A note on your wok:
Always bring your wok (or any other pan) to cooking temperature before adding oil. Adding the oil after the wok is already hot is going to create a film to keep food from sticking. (Do not use olive because it burns at high temperatures. Use oils like canola or peanut) When bringing your wok to the correct cooking temperature you can easily test its readiness by flicking water on the cooking surface. You want the water to immediately steam when it hits the wok and then linger on the surface and simmer. If it evaporates when it hits the surface the pan is too hot and needs to be turned down and tested again until it is correct. Once the heat is correct add the oil and swirl the pan to make sure the bottom and sides are coated.

Udon Yum-Yum
Udon Yum-Yum

Step 3:
Heat wok and add vegetables. They will cook quickly and need constant movement. They are done when they have a nice golden finish on them

Step 4:
As soon as your vegetables are done cooking add your noodles into the mixture. You want to stir ever thing until it is nicely mixed and the noodles are nice and hot again. Then add your desired amount of sauce (we like a lot) and stir until sauce is evenly distributed. 

Udon Yum-Yum
Udon Yum-Yum

Step 5:
Eat. We paired ours with a fresh Spring salad.

Udon Yum-Yum
Udon Yum-Yum

Until next time,

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