Friday, August 13, 2010

Gone Thrifting: An Exciting Find!

Mike and I went to Hohenwald the other day (as I had blogged here), and while waiting on my mom to get home from work, we decided to grab some lunch and hit up a local junk store. I say junk store because that's what it is. It's not a "thrift store"... it's a legitimate JUNK store. Well, anyway, while we were in there, Mike caught glimpse of a pretty vintage camera in a case so he asked to see it. Luckily he was smart enough to inquire if the shop keeper had any more and she said "I have a whole tub if you want to look through it. They're mostly older cameras though." Something clicked. Mike got excited. The next thing I know, he's sprawled out on the floor looking through mounds and mounds of vintage cameras and Polaroids. Rather than asking how much for each one (they weren't marked), I pushed him to ask about the entire huge Rubbermaid tub. The shop keeper gave a ridiculously decent price so we bought them there on the spot. We didn't even know what was IN the tub! We just saw Polaroids and said yes! 

After lunch we headed back to my parents' house and unloaded all of the goods. In the box were 13 Polaroid cameras, various other vintage film cameras, a projector, and a few pieces of junk. But 13 Polaroids! In total I think there were 11 instant-Polaroid cameras! Win! (Probably a total of 30 cameras or more!) Most all of them still work and some even had exposures left in them! It was our lucky lucky day!

Mike brought them home and washed them all up a bit. They could still use another scrub but I just wanted to shoot photos of a couple before I put them on our shelves. :)

Cameras we thrifted this week!
Polaroids we thrifted this week!
Polaroids we thrifted this week!
Cameras thrifted this weekCameras thrifted this week

What is the best thing you've ever thrifted? I still love my 2 pairs of vintage fringe cowboy boots and my Guatemalan muu-muu! It's always a hit or miss but this time I think we hit the jackpot!


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