Thursday, August 19, 2010

Early Call for September Sponsors!

I've decided to hold off on any raising of the sponsor rates to let you all in on a fun little secret! I'm going to be sponsoring some pretty large blogs and I'm inviting y'all to reap some of the rewards and benefits of said sponsorship! I have taken out a large ad on Elsie's blog, A Beautiful Mess, and this will hopefully generate a lot more traffic to and by association, my sponsors as well! You! My rates will stay the same for the month of September, and the following months I will be offering reoccurring sponsors a 20% discount! 

There are only a handful of spots available for September and if you're interested, please email me! You can see my current rates and traffic by CLICKING HERE! They are first come, first serve! I also do button design for a nominal fee so don't fret if you don't have a button! The button can link to your blog, etsy, website, whatever! 

Please remember that every penny that comes in from sponsorships on goes directly back into sponsoring larger blogs, thus increasing traffic! Full-circle advertising. :) 

All monthly sponsorships are eligible for a Featured Giveaway post which will greatly boost the traffic to your site from mine! Even if you're a personal blog, we can work out something so you don't go unnoticed! Feel free to email me for more information!

EDIT: I've noticed that Guest Bloggers/Guest Posts for sponsors have been going well over at other blogs and I'm happy to offer that to LARGE SPONSORS! If you take out a large ad for the full month, you can opt for a Guest Post as opposed to a Giveaway if you'd like! All eyes on you!

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