Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Outfit Post : Tuesday, August 10

First of all, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has taken part in the survey I posted the other day! I've gotten so much great feedback and I'm excited to work on new content for you all to enjoy! I've received many different opinions on so many different things and I'm hoping I can make some, if not all, work for you. I've received constructive criticism to try and break out of my comfort zone which I have indeed sort of resigned to lately (black cardigan, print dress, black shoes, belt, etc). I remember in high school when I had SO much fun with fashion! I wasn't afraid to try anything different and I think that is what got me the title "Best Dressed" (and "Most Likely To Be Famous" perhaps? eh?). Well, that and my only competition was a gal clad in solely Abercrombie from head to toe (but that works for some!). After the flood and losing roughly 90% of the things I owned (including most of my shoes, dresses and cardigans), I found sanctuary in my simple black things (which, surprisingly, I never owned black clothing in high school!). Anywhoo, I'm happy to report that thanks to your suggestions and your reassurance, I'm going to try and venture out a bit more like old times! I used to have so much fun with it and now I really feel like a bore! I don't update with outfit photos to show off my ~uhmayzing style or anything, I do it so I'm pushed to actually DRESS myself in the morning. Even if I wear a cardigan every day and flats, I feel more dressed up than a lot of people so I feel like I'm "put together".... Today... well, today I felt like a superhero. You'll see why with the tights! 

Also, I know some of you have smaller monitors and slower internet connections, so rather than posting 7 photos of me in the same outfit/same pose/same surroundings, I'll only be posting a couple outside of a cut. To see any additional photos (if you're curious or want other detail shots), you will have to click the "Read More..." tab at the bottom of the post! This way you can skim right over them if you have no desire, or you can dive in if you do! 

I'll blog about other features I've been asked to do here shortly! I'll keep this one simple with just these photos! We Love Colors was kind enough to send me another pair of tights after my review last week and boy oh boy! THESE ARE RED! In these photos, I'm wearing the Scarlet Red MicroFiber Tights! I felt like my legs were just beaming! These pushed me so far out of my comfort zone but I felt like this was the perfect outfit for them! I look a bit rough (light makeup, dirty hair) but I'm going to try out a new hair product someone said they love (L'Oreal Nature's Therapy Mega Moisture Creme... if you've used it, what do you think?!) and I'm going to get new extensions (these are SO old and ratty and dreaded, but I'm planning something new with my hair so I don't want to throw down $$$ for new ones just yet!). So please overlook my crusty appearance and just view the outfit :P Haha! 

Kaelah Outfit 8.10.10
Kaelah Outfit 8.10.10
Kaelah Outfit 8.10.10
{Outfit Details o8.1o.1o}
{Dress: Forever 21 $25}
{White Top: Walmart $12}
{Belt: Thrifted}
{Tights: c/o We Love Colors}
{Flats: Kmart $13}

This is the back of the little house we went to today. It's such a cute little abandoned place!
Abandoned House

Additional photos available if you click through...
Kaelah Outfit 8.10.10

You can still take part in the anonymous survey if you'd like! Just CLICK HERE!


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