Thursday, August 5, 2010

Outfit Post : Thursday, August 5 (+ some)

So you may recall one of my most recent posts where I said I dropped my camera and busted the lens. Well, thanks to an awesome seller on Amazon, our new lens has arrived and it is even better than the one I had! So very excited. So you get some outfit photos! And prepare yourself... I'm wearing pants! PANTS! Well, jeggings, but still, PANTS! (I was slumming it today and I wanted to stay in my hoodie so I broke out the jeggings I bought in NYC and decided to wear them for the first time.) They may look a little funny but they're really comfortable so I don't care. :) We took Georgia to the dog park tonight (the new one, here in town). She made some puppy friends and we'll definitely be going back several times a week. Here are a few pictures (including the front of our house and some crafty goodness).

{Outift Details o8.o5.1o}
{DRUG FREE Hoodie: Until Industries ($30)}
{Vneck: Truly Madly Deeply for UO ($28)}
{Jeggings: Forever 21 ($25)}
{Flats: KMart ($13)}

Also, Mike and I found an awesome thing at Goodwill yesterday and I meant to blog it last night, but since I didn't have a lens, I wanted to wait. Now my camera is dead so I'll post it later tonight or tomorrow. Oh, and I start work again tomorrow! Wooo! It'll be nice to have a paycheck after 3 months of no job! :) Anywhoo, I hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday!


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