Tuesday, August 24, 2010

FUNK OFF! Handmade Vegan Bath + Body Products!


A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the super rad Michelle who runs the sweet little company FUNK OFF! with her (future) husband, Chad! They are based out of northern California and they're looking to spread the Funk Off word! I was flattered and excited when they asked me to check out some of their products and let them know what I thought!

Here is a blurb from their etsy so you will have a little bit of background info!
We hope you like what you see and we're certain you'll like what you smell when your order arrives! We've got a product for just about anyone, if you gotta get fresh why not Funk Off! 

All of our products are natural and cruelty free. In fact, all of our soaps are Vegan with the exception of the honey soaps, since technically honey is not Vegan. Our body sprays and lotions are Vegan too!
All of our natural, earth friendly products are made by us, we only work in small batches to ensure top of the line quality and freshness and long lasting scent. Every little measure, chop, mix, pour, cut, fold, stamp, wrap is done by us. We put the utmost care and attention into every detail, every step of the way to create a perfect product every time…not factory perfect, truly handmade perfect!!!
All of our scents are favorites. We’re not kidding! Originally we started with a trial of about 16 different scents (imagine smelling one after the other, 16 times in a row!), but once the results were in we were able to narrow it down to our Top 8 scents. So, every scent we bring you is the best one!
Each soap is made using the finest ingredients. Our natural soaps boast quality, the hemp and shea butter soaps have higher amounts of actual hemp seed oil and naturally crushed shea butter than most of their kind. And the palm oil in our bases comes from vendors that are members of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil!
Every bar of soap has a nice layer of exfoliating, apricot seed on it's top with a gentle amount of exfoliant throughout the entire bar. 
We hope you enjoy all of our natural products and eco friendly packaging! We do our best to make sure we are bringing you a truly handmade product, using hand stamped recycled packaging materials.

I was really excited when the box arrived and I opened it in the middle of class! The room quickly filled up with the sweet aroma of the soaps! I caught myself putting on the lip balm every 15 minutes even though I didn't need it! It stayed soft and silky for quite some time but it smelled so fantastic!

(I realize now that I forgot to add the 3 lip balms in the photos, but I assure you, they are awesome!).


Michelle and Chad were so kind to send so many lovely goodies over to us! They even included more manly scents and such so that Mike could enjoy them too!

Okay but the REAL KICKER was opening the package and having something for Miss Georgia courtesy of their little pups! There was even a note! That truly tickled me because I'm such a fan of really personal packages and believe me, Georgia enjoyed that little treat!


So my review: We can't stop using the stuff! As of right now, out of the soaps, the Sapmoss Bonsai has been my favorite, but we keep them in both of our bathrooms and we've both been caught washing our hands simply for the sake of the good smell and the nice scrub on top! And they're so pretty, too!

Mike and I walk around the house with our hands up to our faces smelling them and then we'll run over to the other and say "Smell this!" or "What flavor is on your hands?!"... I'm not exaggerating when I say this! (Seriously... come over. I bet we'll make you smell our hands... or at least go in one of our bathrooms and wash yours!)

Basically, Michelle, can we be your official spokespeople for Funk Off because we are IN LOVE! I'm requesting Funk Off! bubblebath, dish soap, and candles! The scents were so wonderful and so unique! 

Mike favors the Oatmeal - Milk - Honey Later Gator Lotion but I'm loving the Cool Mountain Moss Lotion! We've been spraying the Lavender Vanilla Keep It Fresh body spray around the house along with the Sandalwood Vanilla Nag Champa! (Aren't the names great?!) 


FUNK OFF! comes highly recommended by both Mike and I (I guess I should throw Georgia in that mix, too!) and I definitely suggest you check out their Etsy, snag a few sweet-smelling goodies and spread the Funky word! CLICK HERE to visit the shop!

Have any of you ever used Funk Off! products? If so, what did you think? What is your favorite? For those of you who haven't, do you think you'll ever give them a shot? Let them show you what loveliness smells like! 


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