Thursday, August 12, 2010

Little Book Of Ideas: Moving On...

Out with the old

So I've said it many times before, and I'll probably say it many times again before it's all over and done with, but I have a little journal notebook that I keep everything in. EVERYTHING. And by everything I really mean: doodles, lyrics, to-do lists, grocery lists, things to blog about, songs I want to look up later, reminders, randomly tucked-in receipts, notecards, post-its... you name it... It's probably in there. I draw my thumbnails for projects and designs. I scribble little indecipherable notes to myself. I'd be lost if I ever misplaced it. [In fact, I misplaced it for about 3 days not too long ago and I thought I was going to go crazy!]. Anyway...

I've only had my current one since April or so, but it's a bit beat up. I throw the poor thing into my purse numerous times a day and bend it every-which-way. I received a sweet Paul Frank "Cry of the Tiger" journal in my ~bon voyage intern swag bag from BUST and I thought it might be nice to start the new semester with a new journal. Of course I won't throw my pre-loved one away or anything! It'll go on the bookshelf with my pre-loved Moleskines. But it's just so hard... it's so hard to part ways with my sweet little book which contains so much passion and thought, including so many brilliant ideas I haven't gotten around to and more than it's fair share of really really stupid ones. 

But my question is... Do any of you keep a Moleskine or a journal of sorts in your bag with you and on your person at all times? I feel like my life has become much more productive since I brought journals into them. Some people prefer an organizer, some prefer a Filofax, some prefer their phones or merely memory. I just love having a tangible thing I can use pretty pens in! I'm so scared to write the first thing though! 

I'm taking the plunge, however! I'm going to switch journals tonight and I'll transfer any REALLY really important information over to the new one. Those crisp, clean pages are so daunting! And my pen doesn't have an eraser! Here's to a clean start!

In with the new


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