Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!

This week I am featuring just one wedding of my lovely lady friend from O'More, Amanda (now Mrs. Barnhart!) Now, I know most of you don't know anything about Amanda but let me let you in on a little secret or two... she LOVES the color pink (and I mean pinkkkkk. magenta, maybe? fuschia? PINK!) and she LOVES kitties. She's such a sweet gal and she's one heck of a talented graphic designer. This will probably be photo heavy so I'll cut it after a couple! Amanda is going to let us in on her bride-on-a-budget tricks and tips, too!

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Did that typography look familiar? ;) Check out the close-up picture of the Polaroids again... Guess what? They're not really polaroids! Amanda was clever enough to take some photos from their relationship/lives, make them black and white, print them out and pair them with some beautiful cream colored cardstock to mimic the look! (So if you want a sweet Polaroid line at your home or wedding, try her trick! It's a lot cheaper!) Amanda also made the pink bunting pennant banner you see hanging in the trees! She used a combination of pink and vellum paper triangles, attached to string and hung up! 

Here are a few more tips and such from the lovely Bride!
Brides Bouquet: GREAT TIP, order your flowers from a bulk wholesaler website, and put them together yourself in a bouquet! My sister made it for under $150. The florist would have charged us over $300. 

All table cards, names, and "stories" were designed by me, which each showcase a time/event in Tj and I's life...Each round table had a different table card, with a connecting story...for example "Tea Time at the Half" card had a matching story which talked about how Tj and I ran in the Nashville Half Marathon together...
The Cake: A friend made it, and then I put paper crepe flowers in cream, on each level.

The wedding and reception took place at a family member's wonderfully designed home in West Virginia. The log cabin/lodge took precedence over the feel and they wanted to capture that. This wedding was shot by Will Knowles.

Now for the Weekly Wedding Question: Indoor or Outdoor? This can be for either the ceremony or the reception! Are you more of a church kinda gal or a Southern belle in a barn? Beach, backyard, auditorium, or a tent? Let's hear 'em!

My opinion: I've always wanted an outdoor wedding, but a very southern one. Maybe the ceremony to take place in a sweet old barn and then the reception outside (or even IN the barn?!). I just know that I want some aspect of it to be outdoors and in the elements. I want the natural side to show through a lot and I think Amanda and TJ captured that really well! 

By the way! Check out and download the Mixtape Monday post from this week! It's all wedding themed! Well, songs that I'd like to play at my wedding at least! ;) 


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