Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thrifted: Goodwill Hunting

I know there are some readers who aren't too keen on the thrifting posts that I've been doing (I understand if it's not your thing), but I also know that the vast majority of you love thrifting and so this is why I share. I wasn't expecting to find anything at Goodwill today (ours is so overpriced and just...ugh!) but I was pleasantly surprised when the very first thing I see when I walk into the store is a shark statue. YES PLEASE! Anway, I picked up a few things to add to my craft studio and whatnot. I'll just show some pictures!


Then I found a rustic golden ship for the wall!


Unicorn bookends that I just couldn't pass up! I love unicorns (in a very "Hi, I'm 6 years old" way). One side of each has a rainbow and the other side is solid white. I'm a fan of the solid (the rainbow is a bit *too much* for myself)

Flaming Unicorns

And then I happened upon these lovely next finds, both of which reminded me of Kaylah. The only thing that would have made the jars better is if they were red. The orange/yellow is still gorgeous though! (Especially since yellow is the accent color of my studio!) The inside of the gnome cookie jar was a gorgeous glossy moss green! So beautiful!

Gnome Cookie Jar
Gnome Cookie Jar
Mushroom Jars
Mushroom Jar

Those were my finds for the day!


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