Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MIXTAPE MONDAY: wedding edition.

I had someone ask me on my FormSpring to do a wedding themed mixtape so here it is! Granted my choice in songs may be vastly different from yours, but hopefully you can find a tune or two that you're into! There are a few repeat artists (hey! I like what I like, okay?!) so maybe it's not a totally 100% legit mixtape of sorts, but this is what I want so there you have it! Snag the artwork and toss it into your iTunes if you'd like!

(click on title to download)

There is going to be a lot a buzz around this little blog today so be sure to check back frequently! We've got a big giveaway coming up, as well as some fun photos and a review of Funk Off! handmade soaps and lotions! Huzzah!


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